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Payday 3 Locked Challenges Issue: Causes And Fixes

The game Payday 3 has been criticized a lot due to the bugs that have affected the players.

There have been some minor bugs, while some have been pretty major.

The locked challenges bug is one of the bugs players are encountering.

The challenges in Payday 3 unlock after you complete the first one. Players have been experiencing issues with the locked challenges in Payday 3. Some minor steps can help to prevent the issue. However, the game’s official team is working on a patch for the issue.

Here, we will discuss some causes and fixes of the locked challenges issue.

Challenges In Payday 3

Challenges in Payday 3 are tasks that players must complete.

In addition, the players gain various rewards after completing the tasks.

The challenges in Payday 3 are categorized into three types: heist, career, and combat.

1. Heist Challenges

The Heist Challenge is determined on the basis of how well you complete the heist.

There are also 639 heist challenges, some of which can be tricky.

The heist challenges require you to be mostly perfect during the heist.

2. Career Challenges

The Career Challenges focus on the infamy level of the game.

In addition, there are a total of 89 career challenges in Payday 3.

Challenges Payday 3
There are three types of challenges on Payday 3.

Also, you can gain rewards such as C-Stacks, tools, and armor.

Furthermore, the career challenges are comparatively easier than the other two challenges.

3. Combat Challenges

The Combat Challenges focus on defeating enemies and the weapons you use; 408 combat challenges help a player gain IP.

Also, some challenges can be straightforward, while some combat challenges can be tricky.

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Causes Of The Locked Challenges Issue

Payday 3 has been experiencing many issues since its release.

The Locked Challenges issue has been a topic of frustration among fans.

Additionally, the locked challenges unlock after you complete one challenge.

A player took to Reddit to express their confusion regarding this issue.

Reddit Challenge Locked Issue
Reddit user regarding the challenge locked issue.

Also, some players have been able to play the challenge regardless of being on lock.

However, completing the challenge will not provide you with any experience points (XP).

Fixes Of The Locked Challenges Issue

While the issue is a game development bug, there are some measures you can take to fix the issue.

Payday 3 Locked Challenges Issue
The Locked Challenge issue prevents players from going to the net challenge.

Here are some tips to help you prevent the issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Payday 3 is an online shooter game that needs a stable internet connection.

So, check if your internet is up and running properly.

In addition, you could also restart your internet router to enable connection.

Furthermore, the game could also be experiencing some server issues.

Therefore, keep up with the issues through the game’s official Twitter page.

2. Restart The Game

Restarting the game can also fix several issues that you may be experiencing.

In addition, many players have reported the locked challenge problem fixing after restarting the game.

This easy and simple solution can end your frustration.

3. Redo The Challenges

Some challenges in Payday 3 require different difficulty levels.

Completing the challenge again at a specific difficulty level can solve the problem.

4. Check Game Files

The issue you may be experiencing can be due to some corrupt game files.

So, it is better to check and verify the game files. Here’s how you can check the files for Steam users:

  1. Go to the computer library.
  2. Check the game files and right-click on it.
  3. Then, click on Properties and then Installed Files.
  4. After that, check the condition of the game’s files.

For Epic Games users, you can do the following:

  1. Find the game in the computer library.
  2. Click on the three dots.
  3. Then, click on Manage and then click on Verify.

5. Reinstall The Game

If your problem still persists, you can delete and reinstall the game.

Sometimes, reinstalling the game can also help to solve the issue.

Furthermore, if nothing else works, you can also contact the game’s support team.

However, this issue has been recognized by the official team.

They are working on fixing the issues players are encountering.

In addition, the game’s patch is set to release on October 5, 2023.

The Bottom Line

Payday 3 has been experiencing multiple issues since its release.

The Locked challenges issue prevents players from moving on to the next challenges.

This issue is related to the game’s development. So, keep your eyes peeled for the game’s first patch on October 5.

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