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How To Complete A Passed Torch Quest In WoW?

In World of Warcraft (Wow), A Passed Torch is a quest introduced in Dragonflight 10.2 expansion.

It is part of the Burning Out questline in Smoldering Copse.

To Complete A Passed Tourch quest in WoW, Players must collect six Singled Leadlets and eliminate 8 Druids of the Flame within Smoldering Copse.

In this article, you will learn about A Passed Tourch quest and how to complete it in World of Warcraft.

What Is A Passed Torch In WoW?

A Passed Torch is one of the time-consuming and challenging quests in WoW.

The factor which makes this quest challenging is you have to travel to Smoldering Copse.

Also, this area is filled with dangerous enemies, so if players are not prepared well, they might have difficulty completing the quest.

A Passed Torch In Wow
Players can interact with Lyandrsi Thorngate to start A passed Tourch quest.

Once players reach the area, they can start the quest by interacting with Lyandrsi Thorngate.

Upon starting the quest, you will get two objectives.

Here are the objectives of the quest:

  1. Collecting the Strategic document.
  2. Eliminating Druids of the Flame within the Smoldering Copse.

Players will also get some exciting rewards upon completing the quest.

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Process To Complete A Passed Torch In Wow

To complete A Passed Torch quest in WoW, players must find 6 Singed Leaflets, a Strategic document and 8 Druids of the Flame.

Here is the guide how to find the location of all 6 Singed Leaflets and eliminate Druids of the Flame:

1. Location Of All 6 Signed Leaflets Within The Smoldering Copse

Once you start the quest, the location of the all 6 Signed Leaflet will pop up into your Map. It is the yellow dot on the Map.

After you navigate to those Yellow dots, you will find Signed Leaflets lying on the ground.

However, some players might find it challenging to find them.

Therefore, here is the location of each signed leaflet:

  1. First Signed Leaflet: Just go straight, and you will find one on the left before crossing the bridge.
A Passed Tourch Wow
You can find the first document as you walk to the left side of the bridge.
  1. Second Signed Leaflet: For the second one, cross the bridge and jump down at the left side. You will find another one.
A Passed Torch In Wow
Players can find the second Signed Leaflet once they cross the bridge.
  1. Third Signed Leaflet: From where you found the second one, go to the opposite toward the skeleton tower. You will find one behind it.
A Passed Tourch Wow
You will find the third one behind the bone tower.
  1. Fourth Signed Leaflet: You must navigate to the centre of Smoldering Copse for the Fourth one. There, you will find the fourth one beside the table.
A Passed Tourch Wow
Another Signed leaflet can be found at the centre of the area.
  1. Fifth Signed Leaflet: Now, go to the opposite side where you found the fourth one. The fifth Signed Leaflet can also be found beside the table.
A Passed Tourch Wow
Found on the opposite side from the fourth one.
  1. Sixth Signed Leaflet: Then, turn right and head toward the cave. You can find the last Signed Leaflet at the entrance of the cave.
A Passed Tourch Wow
It can be found right in front of the cave guarded by some flame Druid.

2. Eliminate 8 Druids Of The Flame Within The Smoldering Copse

Druids of the Flame is not a single monster or a group of druids.

This means you can eliminate eight enemies on Druids of the Flame.

Here are all the enemies of the Druids of the Flame:

  • Smouldering Thaumaturge
  • Cinderclaw Stalker
  • Molten Runebear
  • Incendiary Runebear
  • Smouldering Enforcer
  • Smouldering Raven
  • Flame Druid 
  • Fanatical Ritualist

As you start collecting the document, you will encounter these monsters.

You will encounter 6 of the monsters while collecting the first and second documents.

Meanwhile, the remaining two collected the fifth and sixth. So, make sure you slay them while collecting the document.

This will complete both of the objectives at the same time, so you don’t have to lag.

Reward After Completing A Passed Torch

Once you complete the A Passed Tourch quest, you will get some rewards.

Here are the rewards you will receive once you complete the A Passed Tourch quest in World of Warcraft:

  • 28 Gold coins
  • 9 silver coins
  • Bounty of the Fallen 
  • 10x Emerald Dewdrop

Furthermore, you will also gain 9,500 experience points upon completing the quest.

The Bottom Line

The Burnout quest line introduced in the Dragonflight 10.2 expansion includes A Passing Torch as one of its parts.

Therefore, the quest is challenging, so equip your best gear and build to complete this quest.

Hopefully, this article will help you in completing A passed torch in WoW.

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