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A Trial Of Fitness Quest In WoW: SoD

In World of Warcraft (WoW): Season of Discover (SoD), players must complete a trial of fitness quest.

While coming across the Warrior Trainer in Valley of Trails, players can unlock a trial fitness quest by initiating a conversation with him.

 In World of Warcraft(WoW): Season of Discover ( SoD), players can unlock a trial of fitness quest by engaging with the Warrior Trainer NPC. Similarly, players must find the Rune hidden around the cliffs in Valley of Trails and unlock its secrets.

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 A Trial Of Fitness Quest: World of Warcraft

Players have to find the Warrior Trainer, also known as Frang, in this vast world of WoW.

Similarly, players must find Frang to initiate a trial of the fitness quest in Season of Discover.

Likewise, players can find the newly introduced NPC by visiting the Valley Of Trials in World of Warcraft.

To be precise, players can find the Warrior trainer in the valley of trails located under a tent southwest of the giant bonfire near The Den.

Upon finding the Frang, the warrior trainer, players can now interact with him and start a trial of fitness quest.

Thus, players must complete several objectives of this quest before they can complete a trial of fitness quest.

WoW: A Trial Of Fitness Quest Purpose

Players can only unlock this quest after reaching level 2 in the World of Warcraft.

So, after receiving the quest from the Warrior Trainer, players have to read the instructions properly to understand the quest.

Likewise, the primary purpose of this quest is to test the endurance and physicality of the Horde Warriors.

World of Warcraft (Wow): ( SOD) , A trial Of Fitness
Players can view the details of the A Trial Of Fitness Quest.

As only the most vital players can become the warriors of the horde, players have to go through several trials that test their stamina and endurance.

Moreover, the main objective of a trial fitness quest is to find the cache ingested with rune powder that is hidden within cliffs behind Frang.

Players must navigate through the cliffs visible from the village center to find the Rune and discover its secrets.

Players might find it challenging to find the exact location of the cache ingested with the rune powder, as suggested by Frang.

Similarly, players can head north from the bonfire and take a left to the west to reach the cliffs where they can find the cache.

Upon reaching the cliffs, players encounter the tight gap at the coordinates 40.7,65.0, so players have to navigate correctly.

After crossing the gap, players must turn left from the tree guide to reach the end of the cliffs.

World of Warcraft (Wow): ( SOD) Valley Of Trials
Players navigate through the dangerous cliffs of the Valley Of Trials.

Moreover, during the journey to reach the cache, players must be careful and strategically decide to surpass the obstacle.

The landscapes of the Valley of Trials are challenging, and players have to surmount the obstacles presented by the terrain.

Upon reaching the top of the cliffs, players must jump near Frang’s tent to be in the perfect jumping spot.

Now, players have to make a calculated jump to the chest, which is located at the coordinates 43.2,69.6, to collect the Rune.

Locate the Rune
Players have successfully located the cache ingested with Rune.

Rewards And Recognition

After players locate the chest, they can reveal the Rune’s secret and learn Engrave Gloves- Victory Rush.

Similarly, players can obtain this new ability, which later becomes a valuable asset for the players during combat.

Players can receive exciting rewards upon completing the A Trial Of Fitness quest as a testament to their success.

Moreover, players can get Tarnished Chain Gloves as a reward for completing this quest alongside 90 experience points and 50 Reputation points.

The Bottom Line

During their journey of World of Warcraft (WoW): Season of Discover (SoD), players must complete A Trial of Fitness Quest.

Players must display their strength and go through several trials to complete this quest successfully.

In Summary, players must navigate the dangerous cliffs of the Valley of Trials to find the mysterious chest containing the Runes.

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