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Discover The Severed Gnoll Heads In WoW

In World of Warcraft (WoW), a Severed Gnoll Head can be earned as a prize for players.

Moreover, gnolls may drop it, hyena-like monsters encountered throughout the game.

In WoW, you can obtain Severed Gnoll Heads by defeating gnolls, looting gnoll corpses, and buying them from other players.

This article discusses how to obtain and exchange Severed Gnoll Head in WoW.

How To Obtain Severed Gnoll Head In WoW?

There are several methods to gain a severed gnoll head in World of Warcraft.

Here are some of the most prevalent approaches:

1. Defeat The Gnolls

Gnolls are hyena-like monsters encountered throughout the game, including Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, and Tirisfal Glades.

Similarly, when you beat a gnoll, it will occasionally drop a severed gnoll head.

2. Loot Gnoll Corpses

You can sometimes obtain severed gnoll heads by looting the bodies of gnolls slain by other players or NPCs.

3. Buy Them From Other Players

If you can’t find any severed gnoll heads on your own, you may always check the auction house to see if anybody else is selling them.

Once you acquire it, you may exchange it for a Rune Fragment with Viktoria Woods.

More Tips To Obtain Severed Gnoll Heads

Here are some tips for you to obtain Severed Gnoll Heads effectively:

  1. They are most frequent in Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, and Tirisfal Glades. Concentrate your efforts on locations where gnolls are common.
  2. Likewise, taking down gnolls and obtaining those severed heads will be simpler if you play with a group of buddies.
  3. Don’t give up if you don’t discover one immediately; keep playing, and you’ll get fortunate someday.
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How To Exchange Severed Gnoll Head In WoW?

A severed gnoll skull may be exchanged for a Rune Fragment in World of Warcraft at Viktoria Woods.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

1. Travel To Bloodhoof Village

Bloodhoof Village is located in Mulgore’s northeastern sector, reachable via Thunder Bluff.

Significantly, if you’re unsure where you are, you may use the in-game map or ask other players for help.

2. Locate Viktoria Woods

When you arrive at Bloodhoof Village, go to the inn, a huge, two-story structure near the village center.

viktoria woods in WoW location
Follow Coordinates or locate Viktoria Woods using Map.

Then, enter the inn and go to the rear area, where Viktoria Woods stands behind the counter.

3. Start A Trade

You can start by interacting with Viktoria Woods and selecting the “Trade” option.

Viktoria Woods in WoW
Trade Severed Gnoll Head to Viktoria Woods.

Then, a trade window will appear, with your inventory to the left and Viktoria Woods’ inventory on the right.

4. Place Severed Gnoll Head

Drag it from your inventory to the trade window; it should show in the specified place for trading things.

5. Receive Rune Fragment

Click on the Rune Fragment in Viktoria Woods’ inventory.

Afterward, highlight it if you want to get it in exchange for the Severed Gnoll Head.

6. Complete Trade

To complete the transaction, click the “Complete Trade” button.

Then, remove it and replace it with the Rune Fragment.

7. Enjoy Your Prize

You successfully traded it for a Rune Fragment, you can utilize it in various blacksmithing processes.

The Bottom Line

The Severed Gnoll Head is a World of Warcraft trophy item, you can win by fighting gnolls and trading for a Rune Fragment.

It is a very rare item, although it might be valuable for those interested in blacksmithing.

Hence, you should be able to find it and trade it for the Rune Fragment you require with a little patience.

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