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How To Protect Puck In NHL 24?

Many players are finding difficulty to protect the Puck in the NHL 24.

It is one measure that grants an advantage to ensure victory in the game.

Protect Puck is one of the essential abilities to have possession, secure the lead, or score a goal while playing the National Hockey League game. 

Continue reading to learn about Puck and the mechanism to protect the Puck in the NHL 24.

Protect Puck In NHL: Overview

The Puck is the black disc used in various games, including Hockey.

It is one of the primary components of the NHL game, which is used to deploy a goal in the opposition post.

Players can pass the Puck, protect the Puck and later score a goal while skating in the NHL.

If players protect the Puck for a more extended period and have possession of it, there is a high possibility of victory if they have a lead.

nhl 24 protect puck
Protect the Puck to secure the lead.

Protecting the Puck will grant players a significant advantage when players are trailing.

The chances of hitting more shots, shots on target, progression in the opposition half or scoring goals will be higher.

However, protecting the pluck is not the only option to win the game.

Players should also focus on Hustle, Skating, Slap Shot, Vision control, Snap Shot, Snap Shot, Glide and a few other abilities.

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Protect Puck In NHL: Techniques and Process

Due to the launch of the new sequence, i.e., NFL 24, there have been considerable changes in the game mechanism and techniques.

Further, EA removed the Puck Control for the X and A in Xbox or Cross and Square in the PS5 layout used in previous NHL games.

Hence, many players can no longer use those controls to protect the Puck.

 It made it hard to have possession of the Puck while playing custom or online games.

Also, there is automatic control of the Puck when players move the left stick totally and move the right stick, which impacts the control.

There is auto control of the Puck when players cut it through the net.

Follow the following process to protect the Puck in both Xbox and PS controllers;

1. Xbox

If players are searching for a way to protect the Puck to gain control of the ball while skating,

Use the Left Stick+ Move the Right Stick to either the left or the right side.

Players should initially hustle the Puck and use the right stick to move the Puck to any direction in the pitch.

The longer players hold the button, the longer the animation period to protect the Puck will increase.

2. Playstation

If players are trying to protect the Puck while playing NHL 24,

Use the L3+Move the Right Stick to the Right or Left Side.

The process to grant the possession of the Puck is precisely the same as Xbox, but only the control of the button is different.

The Bottom Line

Protecting the Puck is a simple yet effective method to protect the lead or grant possession to score a goal.

The mechanism to protect the Puck is the same in both Xbox and PlayStation; however, the control has a differentiation.

However, players shouldn’t just focus on one ability but work in overall gameplay to defeat opponents or friends significantly.

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