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Acheron Light Cone In HSR: Banner Warp Event

Honkai Star Rail just teased an upcoming Acheron Banner Warp event and fans are expecting her signature Light Cone.

Since the banner release, fans have been already planning various builds for her even before the event releases.

Moreover, the game has also provided some ways to get various rarity Acheron during the event.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Acheron Banner Warp event and her Light Cone.

The New Acheron Banner Warp Event In HSR

Honkai Star Rail is known for introducing new characters and items through a banner event in the game.

These events allow players to unlock the new characters at a higher rate for a limited time.

Similarly, HSR has teased a new Acheron Banner Warp event through their official X account.

Acheron banner event HSR
The upcoming Acheron banner warp event HSR.

From the post, it is evident that Acheron is a 5-star character who uses lightning elemental magic.

Appearance-wise, she wields a long sword and an umbrella which explains her mysterious personality.

Gameplay-wise, she is like Kafka(both use lightning) who is meant to chip away enemies’ health during the battle.

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How To Get Acheron And Her Light Cone?

HSR provides various ways for players to unlock new characters in the game when they are released.

Similarly, players must wait for the Acheron Banner Warp event that releases on version 2.1 of the game.

Specifically, she is likely to be released in the first half of the 2.1 version update.

This is a gacha event, meaning that players must use premium currency to make rolls during the event.

Therefore, players can only unlock her at the rate of 0.6% per roll as it is a luck-based event.

However, Archeron is guaranteed at 90 total warps as it fills the event progress bar.

On the other hand, Archeron does not get a signature Light Cone as confirmed by the devs.

Alternatively, players can unlock a 4-star light cone per 10 warps and a 3-star light at a much higher rate.

All Light Cones In Acheron Banner Warp Event

Players have a chance to unlock 21 different 3-star and 4-star Light cones during the event.

Here is a list of all the light cones that players can unlock during the gacha event:

4-Star Light Cones3-Star Light Cones
A Secret VowSagacity
Planetary RendezvousMediation
SwordplayHidden Shadow
Landau's ChoicePioneering
Eyes of the PreyMutual Demise
Shared FeelingArrows
The Birth of the SelfMultiplication
The Moles Welcome YouAdversarial
Memories of the PastPasskey
Only Silence RemainsMeshing Cogs
Day One of My New LifeLoop
Good Night and Sleep WellDefense
Post-Op ConversationShattered Home
Geniuses' ReposeFine Fruit
Under the Blue SkyDarting Arrow
Subscribe for MoreData Bank
!Dance! Dance! Dance!Chorus
Resolution Shines As Pearls of SweatVoid
Perfect TimingAmber
Trend of the Universal MarketCollapsing Sky
Make the World ClamorCornucopia

Acheron Build Guide With Light Cone

Here is a build guide for players who want to excel at using Acheron in their gameplay:

  • Since she lacks a signature light cone, players must use “Eyes of the Prey” for increased damage.
  • Use the “Prisoner in Deep Confinementrelic as this set boosts her DoT potential.
  • For Planer Ornaments, use  “Space Ceiling Station” as it enhances damage based on her total ATK.
Acheron gameplay
Acheron gameplay with Light cones and a sample team.
  • Use AcaronKafkaSilverwolf, and Orion to achieve a DoT-focused synergy.
  • Send her out whenever you want to chip away enemies’ health to set up other damage dealers. 
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