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Sororicide In Destiny 2: Read And Get Rewards

Sororicide Destiny 2 is a lore book that players can obtain through exploration. 

However, currently, the lore book is not complete, and players cannot find all the pieces of the lore book. 

But, many players of the Destiny 2 game are coming together and piecing the lore book one page at a time. 

Sororicide Destiny 2 is a lore book explaining the events between Savathun and her siblings. Furthermore, the lore book is obtainable in pages and not as a whole. However, all the lore book pages are still to be found in Destiny 2.

This article discusses everything about Sororicide and its location in Destiny 2.

What Is Sororicide In Destiny 2? 

Sororicide is a lore book in Destiny 2 that details the Season of the Witch.

The book explains how Savathun thinks about her siblings.

Moreover, the siblings she talks about are the God of war, Xivu Arath and the taken king, Oryx.

Furthermore, Savathun compares herself to both her siblings as well. However, Savathun herself is the Witch Queen. 

The book also touches upon how Savathun plans on defeating her siblings, thus, the name Sororicide. 

However, as you read the lore book, you will notice Savathun’s hesitation in defeating her siblings. 

She questions herself in one of the lore book pages, thinking she is becoming more like her brother. 

Savathun question Sororicide Destiny 2
Savathun questions herself in Sororicide in Destiny 2.

Furthermore, players can notice the sigil of Xivu Arath in the lore book. However, it is only on the front cover. 

Similar to previous lore books, players can expect to see more stories related to the siblings within the lore book in Destiny 2. 

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How To Read Sororicide In Destiny 2? 

Players can read the Sororicide lore book through the game itself, which gives more information on Savathun and Immaru

However, the lore book is currently unavailable in full within the game. 

Players can find small snippets of the lore book. But they cannot find all the pages of the lore book. 

Furthermore, players also report that every player is finding a different part of the lore book in various places within the game.

Part 2 sororicide Destiny 2
Chapter 2 of Sororicide Destiny 2.

Thus, players can piece all the lore pages together sooner or later to complete the story. 

Similar to previous lore books, the Sororicide lore book also adds to the story of Destiny 2. 

Thus, looking into the lore and finding its pages can be a great exploration activity.

However, only look for the pages if you are interested in the lore because the search for the pages can be a hassle.

Additionally, players can find tidbits of the lore on various websites such as YouTube.

In one of the channels, players are reciting the part of the pages they can find in the game. 

Furthermore, certain websites will even provide the entire lore book after they find all the pages.

So, keep an eye out for those websites.

The Bottom Line

Destiny 2 is filled with lore from the first Red War to the current season of The Witch.

However, every lore book after the Red War shows the after-effects of the Red War.

Furthermore, every lore book also gives a different view of the world of Destiny 2, especially in the cases of some major adversaries. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the Sororicide lore book in Destiny 2.

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