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Honkai Star Rail: Uncover Ruan Mei Failed Research Subject

Honkai Star Rail introduces a new mission “When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine” where players must unravel Ruan Mei’s research.

Players must update the game to the latest version 1.6 to discover the mysteries of her research.

During the When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine mission, players must find the failed research subject of Ruan Mei: Swarm King Skaracabaz. However, they must also pay attention to her dialogues to know the true purpose behind this creation.

Continue reading this article to discover Ruan Mei’s failed research in Honkai Star Rail.

What Is Ruan Mei’s Research?

The new mission “When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine” revolves around Ruan Mei, where players must find the truth behind her creation.

Initially, the game portrays Ruan Mei as a kind researcher who creates cute creatures for her research.

However, players will slowly discover that her hunger for research diverted her to the wrong path.

Introduction to Ruan mei's creation
Introduction to Ruan Mei’s Mission in Honkai Star Rail.

Specifically, Ruan Mei wants to clone the strong lifeform which is The Emanator.

To clone this being, she conducts research knowing that it was most likely to fail.

As a result, she creates the Swarm King Skaracabaz, who is locked in the secluded zone.

Therefore, players must discover and eliminate this creature after accessing the Incubator zone.

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How To Reach Ruan Mei’s Failed Creation?

Ruan Mei’s failed creation Skaracabaz is the end-game boss of the “When the Stars of Ingenuity Shine”mission.

Hence, players must complete all the tasks preceding it to reach the incubator. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must find and talk to Ruan Mei whenever the game asks them.
  2. Secondly, they must head to the Herta Space master control zone and interact with the researchers.
  3. Players are asked to perform a mysterious summoning ritual in the Storage zone.
    Uncovering Ruan Meis creation info
    Uncovering that Ruan Meis’s research and creation is a failure.
  4. Then, players must meet with Herta and Screwllum to get access to the sealed zone.
  5. In the sealed zone, players must meet with the mysterious robot to get information about the Incubator.
  6. Finally, they must follow the dangerous sound in that area to discover The Incubator.

A cutscene will play soon after revealing Ruan Mei’s failed creation, starting a boss battle.

How To Defeat Ruan Mei’s Research Creation?

The best way to tackle her creation is to learn about the nature of the boss fight.

Initially, the Skarabaz spawns and does a fair amount of damage and spawns with a protective shield.

Hence, players must break its weakness to make it vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Facing Ruan Mei's creation in game
Facing Ruan Mei’s creation Skaracabaz during the mission.

However, there is more to this fight as the Skarabaz initiates its 2nd phase during the battle.

Additionally, it can spawn swarms each time the player attacks its body during this phase.

So players must brace themselves as its attacks can leave them in dire situations.

Players must note that breaking its weakness when it releases swarms can cause it to explode.

Therefore, players must balance their attacking strategy to successfully take down the Skaracabaz.

The Bottom Line

Reaching Ruan Mei’s failed creation is not easy, as it is the final boss of the entire mission.

Hence, players must be patient and pay attention to the dialogue to track this monster.

Hopefully, this article will guide you to overcome these issues and complete the mission.

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