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Ad Blockers Are Not Allowed On YouTube Bypass: Easy Methods

Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube; however, you can bypass them using various methods. 

The use of ad blockers can hinder the amount or number of videos the users can watch at a time. 

Users can bypass ad blockers not allowed on YouTube by switching ad blockers or using script managers and even the distill feature of Google Chrome. These methods are the easiest to implement and do not require users to go into the complex codes of a website to use YouTube with ease again.

This article discusses why ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube and how to bypass it.

What Are Ad Blockers For Youtube?

Ad blockers for YouTube are extensions users can install in their web browser. 

The ad blocker will stop any ad from showing up on the website.

Furthermore, stopping on-click ads from popping up through the website is especially significant. 

Users can install various ad blockers of their choice from the extension store of Google Chrome. 

Ad blockers can also help the website load faster than when the user is not using an ad blocker. 

Ad blockers are especially great for enhancing your security when you visit the site, mainly because, as mentioned before, on-click ads. 

On-click ads can appear on any website and wreak havoc if you mistakenly interact with them.

This interaction can cause a breach in your security system. 

Thus, there are many benefits of having an Ad Blocker to make your web browsing experience better and safer. 

However, for various websites, this use of Ad blockers can lead to various financial losses; thus, they will try to block the Ad blockers. 

This is the same case with YouTube, and Ad Blockers tend to disable every ad on the site.

Moreover, this can cause both the content creator and YouTube itself to lose a good chunk of revenue. 

ad blockers youtube
Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube currently.

Reasons For Ad Blockers Not Allowed On YouTube

There are a few reasons for Ad Blockers not being allowed on YouTube. However, the main reason is revenue. 

Here is a list of reasons why Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube:

1. Increase Revenue

The revenue is the first primary reason for the Ad Blockers not being allowed on YouTube. 

YouTube has been losing a good chunk of its revenue due to ad blockers for many years.

However, as of recently, YouTube is moderating the number of videos users can watch with ad blockers. 

The number of videos the users can watch is three if they have an ad blocker on; however, it will not affect them if they don’t. 

Furthermore, ads generate revenue for the company since they can get various sponsorships or simple on-click ads onto their platform. 

These ads and sponsorships will not show up with ad blockers.

Thus causing the company to lose a significant chunk of their revenue. 

2. Brand Visibility

This reason also stems from the point of revenue. However, it also connects itself to brand visibility. 

Various creators tend to pay YouTube to promote them for better brand visibility.

However, the creators will not be visible if users use an ad blocker. Thus losing a chunk of their money on worthless promotions. 

These two are the main reasons why ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube.

However, there are methods to bypass this block. We will discuss the methods below. 

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Methods To Bypass Ad Blockers Not Allowed On YouTube

Even if YouTube blocks Ad Blockers, there are ways to bypass this. However, every method may not work. 

Furthermore, as a fellow user of YouTube and other streaming sites, we believe that ads are pretty frustrating for the general users. 

Here is a list of ways to bypass the adblockers not allowed on YouTube

1. Try A Different Adblocker

Users can bypass the adblockers issue and use ad blockers that are unpopular in the community. 

This is mainly because the company will target the popular adblockers that users tend to install in their browsers.

However, this is not popular if you use an adblocker; you can simply use the website as usual. 

But, if the ad blocker does get detected, make sure to shift to another ad blocker that is not popular. 

2. Use A User Script Manager

A user script manager allows you to manage various user scripts properly and bypass adblock detection. 

Users can find the extension for these script managers through their extension shop in their browser. 

Furthermore, these script managers will not affect the view of the website. 

3. Enable Distill Feature

Lastly, users can enable the built-in Distill page feature in Google Chrome. 

This feature from the browser will allow you to use the ad blocker; however, it will break down the website to its necessities. 

Thus, you will see quite a change in visual appearance after activating this feature. 

These methods will allow you to bypass the ad blocker not allowed on YouTube. But these are not the only methods to bypass the issue. 

However, these are the most straightforward methods that do not require various scripts and tinkering with the actual website itself.

How To Get Around YouTube Ad Blocker?

If users are trying to get around the YouTube Adblocker, follow the given procedures;

1. Different Browser

If users have tried using different Adblockers, they should also opt to switch from the Apps and run YouTube in the browser.

Those using Google Chrome can try Brave, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

YouTube users should also try to switch the devices or the network if possible.

2. Try VPN

In many cases, the ads are just limited to certain regions.

For example, a user will get fewer ads in Asia than in America when watching Twitch.

So, users should try installing the VPN, setting up the different locations and enabling the Adblocker.

3. YouTube Premium

The best and hassle-free method to get around YouTube ads is by getting a premium subscription.

Users no longer need to get a VPN, search for Adblockers, or change devices or networks from time to time.

YouTube Premium is available for a free trial for 1 month, starting at just $3.5 per month.

Youtube Premium
Get a premium subscription.

If users want a subscription for many members, they can get a family plan or get a student subscription for $2.

The Bottom Line

Ad blockers make it easier for users to use websites without the hassle or fear of interacting with various ads. 

However, it also raises the question of removing a way for various content creators to earn revenue from YouTube itself. 

The safety and ease for the users come first rather than looking at the revenue the company generates and creators can earn from ads.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the ad blocker not allowed on YouTube issue and a way to bypass it. 

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