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What Is FreedomGPT And How Does It Work?

Are you fed up with the confidentiality, obligingness and inequity features of ChatGPT? As you requested, a new advanced form of GPT, FreedomGPT, will aid you.

FreedomGPT is an open-source AI chatbot that relies on stands for Large Language Model (LLM), built on Alpaca.

It provides Alpaca features because it is more intelligible and specialized than any other AI model.

FreedomGPT is similar to ChatGPT, used to achieve confidentiality, equality and freedom. It provides hierarchical moral codes and balances the users’ extreme and harmful recommendations.

However, you also face limitations and drawbacks while using this app, such as; lagging the device’s speed, not responding to queries instantaneously, etc.

Continue reading to learn about FreedomGPT, its uses, benefits and limitations.

What Is FreedomGPT?

FreedomGPT is an AI language model invented to copy the sequence of human language and modify them into a natural language efficiently and precisely. 

The Age of AI invented this language model, an Austin-based AI venture capital institution. 

It is available as an online version at or as a Mac version to enjoy an offline experience.

Furthermore, Llama, with the parameter of the 7B model, calibrates this AI model, an open-source and closed-source LLM from Meta AI.

The 7B version makes it available for interference as well as fine-tuning.

Moreover, it implements the features of Alpaca, which are more intelligible and customizable. In addition, it only aids the research, such as creating the content and data analysis.

Features Of FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT’s motive is to pay attention to secrecy, customization and impartiality.

Here are some of its exciting features;

  1. It can securely run on your device without a network connection.
  2. It is uncensored, so you can ask it any question, no matter how sensitive or controversial.
  3. It’s a distinctive development helping clients to achieve confidentiality, equality and freedom.
  4. Additionally, it lets everyone employ and affix the innovation of open-source AI.
  5. It is offline-capable, so you can use it even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  6. This app hierarchizes the moral codes and balances the users’ extreme and harmful recommendations.
  7. FreedomGPT is censorship-free and uses an open-source seven-billion parameter, big language model. Hence it allows uncensored answers to those questions that other AI language models never touch.

Limitations Of FreedomGPT

While using FreedomGPT, some drawbacks and limitations may arise simultaneously with its benefits.

Below are some of the limitations of FreedomGPT;

  1. It leads to restrictions on freedom of speech with the development of GPT.
  2. It is a powerful tool that may lead to probable risks and ethical considerations.
  3. This app is not applicable for code generation.
  4. It can not solve your complex queries and is not helpful for the students and teachers.
  5. It can not respond to you at the time of instance, eventually leading to the device’s slow performance.
  6. Undeniably, this app only consumes the space in your device but does not function properly.
  7. It keeps buffering and buffering to demonstrate the replies to your question.
What is FreedomGPT
FreedomGPT cannot respond to prompts and queries.

How To Download FreedomGPT?

You have to download and install FreedomGPT on your device to use it. Follow these steps to download FreedomGPT on your device;

  1. First, search FreedomGPT GitHub on your browser.
Freedom GPT GitHub
Search for FreedomGPT GitHub to install it.
  1. Click on the green option code on the right side of the screen.
Freedom GPT GitHub Code
Click the green “Code” button on the right.
  1. Then, select Download Zip, and a zipped file will open.
download zip for FreedomGPT
Click on Download ZIP to install the app.
  1. Then, extract the zip files from the folder.
  2. Likewise, copy the “yarn install” command.
Copy the Commands and run them on the command prompt.
  1. And then run it on the command prompt.
Running of copied command on the prompt.
Run the copied command on the command prompt.
  1. Finally, run the command yarn start: prod to commence the application.
running of yarn start prod
Running of yarn start prod on the command prompt.
  1. After these steps, you can download and run efficiently.
downloading of FreedomGPT
FreedomGPT will be successfully downloaded.
Note: While installing the FreedomGPT, sometimes, you may see “the path is not recognized,” which creates difficulties; for that, these links, node.js  and  GitHub, can aid you. 

The Bottom Line

FreedomGPT is an open-source AI Chatbot based on LLM, built on Alpaca.

It guarantees confidentiality and equity without inconvenience; it is more intelligible and specialized.

However, it is a kind of scam that does not generate an answer to any of your questions; hence, it is proven as a practically unusable application.

When you type a question on the question bar, it only keeps on buffering with no response; it only pretends to reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Alternatives For FreedomGPT?

Instead of FreedomGPT, we can use lots of other alternatives. Some of the alternatives are:

  1. Chatsonic
  2. OpenAI playground
  3. Jasper Chat
  4. DialoGPT
  5. Socratic
  6. Jasper Chat
  7. Marve Chat
Continue reading to learn more about using OpenAI Playground and the similarities and differences between Chatsonic and ChatGPT.

Is FreedomGPT AI Safe?

Many sources mention that FreedomGPT AI is safe and provides ethical considerations and confidentiality.

However, please do not fall for that, as it’s a scam and doesn’t answer your questions.

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