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How To Create AI Manga Filter Without TikTok?

The AI Manga Filter is now popular on TikTok. This Filter will convert truth to AI Manga, creating an Anime effect that resembles Japanese Anime designs.

With a few simple steps, you can create AI Manga Filter without TikTok using various apps like Faceplay, Dimension Me, and CapCut.

Continue reading this article to learn more about how you can create an AI Manga Filter without TikTok and everything about the Filter.

How To Create AI Manga Filter Without Tiktok?

You can create an AI Mange Filter without using TikTok via several other apps such as Faceplay, Capcut, Hello Face App, DimensionMe app, etc.

Follow these steps to create AI Manga Filter without using TikTok;

1. Using Faceplay App

To Create an AI Manga Filter without Tiktok, you must first download the Faceplay app from the app store.

down Faceplay app first
Download the Faceplay app first.

Once the app gets installed, you can open it and create the Filter.

Follow the steps outlined below to create AI Manga Filter using the Faceplay app;

  1. Scroll through all those effects and try to choose the free one.
Choose the filters on Faceplay app
Choose the Filters on the Faceplay app.
  1. After choosing your desired Filter, tap on free to use.
Tap on Free to use button
Tap on the Free to use the button.
  1. Now, you may select a picture from your album or take images using the camera option.
  2. After selecting an image, you must confirm it, and then you will be given two options: free or premium.
  3. If you choose the free one, you must first watch ads to complete the process.
  4. Your custom-made Anime will start playing as soon as your image has finished processing.
Custom made image to create Anime filter
Custom-made image to create Anime Filter.
  1. Save the Anime image to your library.
Save the anime image on your device
Save the Anime image on your device.

Returning to TikTok now will allow you to submit videos from your photo collection without using the TikTok Filter by clicking the (+) symbol.

2. Get AI Manga Filter Via Hello Face App

The QQ Anime Filter is very popular on social networking, where users can utilize their photos to create images with an Anime theme on their devices.

Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial for individuals who are having trouble learning how to create AI Manga Filter using Hello Face app;

  1. Download the Hello Face app to access the Hello Face website.
  2. Press the Swap button to begin.
Click on the Swap button
Click on the Swap button to create AI Manga Filter.
  1. Choose the picture to upload from your local store and select Choose.
  2. You can take a picture instead, which requires allowing the browser access to the Camera.
  3. Wait for the AI Manga generator to produce your Anime.
  4. Press the “Accelerate” button to convert your photo into Anime.
Press the Accelerate button
Press the Accelerate button to create the AI Manga Filter.
  1. Save the AI-generated Anime; a side-by-side image will appear when you tap the Save image button.

With the help of the hashtags #aimanga, #aianime, #mangafilter and #aimangafilter,  you can upload it on Tiktok.

Continue reading to discover how to create Webtoon Lookism AI Filter, AI Health Detection Filter and Lego AI Filter using Tiktok.

The Bottom Line

Currently, TikTok does not have an official built-in AI Manga Filter.

TikTok regularly updates its app and introduces features, including Filters and effects.

Moreover, you can create AI Manga Filter without using TikTok via Faceplay, Dimension Me and CapCut with easy steps.

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