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Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

Instagram created Threads, a new text-based conversation app, on July 5, 2023.

This app gives users a variety of features. One feature that makes Threads unique from Twitter is the ability to change profile privacy to private or public.

However, many users have questioned whether Thread Shows Who Viewed Your Profile.

Thread doesn’t allow the users to see who viewed their profile. Because this app is designed to be private messaging, it is not intended to track who views your profile.

Please continue reading to learn what Threads is and its privacy settings.

Understanding Threads App

The Threads app is developed by the most prominent social media parent company, Meta.

Furthermore, this app is available on both Play Store and App Store.

You can conveniently create an account to access Threads by logging in with your Instagram credentials, as Threads maintains a close link to your Instagram account.

Threads simplify sharing your thoughts and emotions with friends, enabling you to share photos, videos, and text effortlessly.

What Are The Privacy Settings Available on Threads?

Similarly to instagram, Threads has several privacy settings that you can use to control who sees your activity.

Here is the list of the privacy settings available on Threads:

  1. Profile Privacy: Users can choose to make their profile public or private by simply navigating to ”Edit profile” in the profile screen.
Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile?
User can change their profile visibility by toggling the private profile button. Furthermore, this option is also available in the privacy setting
  1. Mentions: You can choose who can mention you to link your profile in a thread, replies, or bio. Users have three options: Everyone, Profiles you follow, and No one.
Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile?
Mention is part of the privacy setting in Threads where you can change the ability to mention you in the other’s Thread.
  1. Muted: Users can mute the Threads they don’t like or don’t want to see. However, you can unmute them by navigating to the privacy setting.
Muted settings
Privacy setting that mutes the threads post of a follower you have muted.
  1. Hidden word: Threads allow you to hide the offensive words and wood you don’t want to see by creating a customer list.
Hidden words
Users can hide offensive and custom words by navigating to this setting.

You can access these privacy settings by going to your Threads profile and tapping the “Privacy” tab.

Does Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

Threads do not show who viewed your profile because showing someone’s profile on social media can violate an individual’s privacy.

Moreover, many users prefer to browse profiles on social media platforms without leaving any traces or identifying themselves.

Furthermore, Showing the list of profile viewers can create discomfort among users.

Knowing they are being monitored can discourage users from freely exploring or engaging with other users’ profiles.

In addition, there is no real need to Show Who Viewed Your Profile; if someone wants to converse, they will send you a message.

However, some social media platforms, such as Linked In, provide limited visibility of profile viewers, often with user consent.

The Bottom Line

Threads, the microblogging platform offers various privacy settings for users to customize.

In addition, it prioritizes user privacy and overall user experience by not showing the users Who Viewed their Profile.

However, there are social media that show who viewed your profile in order to collect data about your interests and behavior.

Hopefully, this article helped you clear the doubt about whether Threads Show Who Viewed Your Profile and privacy settings.

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