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AiDot App Not Working: Causes And Fixes

The AiDot app has been experiencing some issues and is not working for many users.

As a result, the app users cannot control their homes’ lighting, electronic, and security gadgets.

 Some steps that may help solve the issues you are facing with the AiDot App Not Working issue include checking the internet connection, re-installing the app, clearing the app cache, checking login credentials and contacting technical support.

This article will discuss the details of the AiDot app and the issues it has been facing.

Why Is AiDot App Not Working?

AiDot is a smart home application that links to different devices in your home.

The app can link to your home lighting, electronic devices, security devices, etc.

AiDot Smart Home App
AiDot is the smart home application that everyone needs.

User concerns regarding the malfunctioning of the AiDot app are increasing gradually.

The growing concerns are right on users’ part since AiDot can control a user’s safety space.

One of the major problems of the AiDot app is users experiencing a black or white screen.

In addition, many users have complained about the devices not linking with the AiDot app.

AiDot Not Working
A Reddit post about the AiDot application issues.

Furthermore, some have issues linking the app to their bulbs, while some cannot link their electronics.

Other than that, there are numerous issues many users are facing with the app and devices of AiDot.

Here is a list of some issues users have faced with the AiDot technology.

  1. The AiDot app not loading due to screen freeze, server error, or network error.
  2. Users are not able to log in to their AiDot app account.
  3. Unable to install the app from the App Store or Play Store.
  4. There have also been cases of audio and video loading problems with the app.
  5. AiDot updates have not been working for some while some have issues with the app notifications.
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Fixes To AiDot App Not Working Issue

All these AiDot App issues could very well be developmental issues on their side.

Also, many users suspect the issue to be on AiDot’s side of the matter.

AiDot server exception
Users suspect that AiDot’s side causes the issues.

However, there are certain measures you can take to resolve some issues probably.

Here is a breakdown of some fixes for the AiDot app not working issues.

1. Restart The AiDot App

A wise technology enthusiast once said, “A simple restart can solve 90% of technological problems.”

So, exit the AiDot application and make sure to remove it from the background apps.

Then, reopen the AiDot app to check whether the services are back to normal.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Many network issues and loading problems could be due to an unstable internet connection.

Therefore, make sure to check if your internet connection is running and stable.

Also, you can restart your router as a preventative measure for a stable internet connection.

3. Reboot Your Device

Trying a hard reboot on your device may help to resolve your app issues.

To reboot, press the power button and any one of the volume buttons for 10 seconds.

In addition, keep pressing till the device shuts down and reopens, then reopen the app.

4. Reinstall The AiDot App

Another probable solution could be reinstalling the AiDot app from the App Store or Play Store.

Furthermore, uninstall the application and reinstall the app from your designated store.

5. Recheck The Login Credentials

Ensure you have the right login credentials for users having issues with logging in to the app.

Many people might forget their new password so, you can also use the Change Password feature on the app.

If nothing seems to be working, we’re afraid the only option might be to wait for the app to resolve its issues.

While AiDot has not responded to these issues, we’re sure they are working on resolving them.

The Bottom Line

AiDot is a smart home life application that can help you control many parts of your home.

While the app has many exciting features, many users have experienced issues with the app.

In addition, there are certain measures to prevent the issues however, if nothing works you might have to wait.

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