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Lighthouse Stash In Alan Wake 2: Location And Puzzle Solution

While progressing through the Alan Wake 2 comes an exciting challenge: The Cult Stash at the Lighthouse.

The Stash is full of riddles, so players must carefully unlock the Cult with a set of codes.

The Lighthouse Stash In Alankwake 2 is on the Boot-shaped plateau west of the breakroom. To solve the three puzzles, players must search for downward-arrow, upward-arrow and W symbols, respectively.

Continue reading to learn about the Lighthouse stash and the process of solving the puzzle in Alan Wake 2.

 Lighthouse Stash In Alan Wake 2

There are multiple Cult Stashes in the game in the mysterious areas filled with exclusive rewards.

The stashes can grant an upper hand on survival while progressing or gaining additional information.

Players can find the sashes in locations including Watery Lighthouse,  Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake.

To Find the Light House stash, players must visit the Boot-shaped plateau just west of the breakroom.

Lighthouse stash
Visit the boot-shaped plateau on the Watery Lighthouse.

Players can also make the best use of the map and follow the path to locate the Stash.

Further, when players are close enough to the Stash, the companion will give players a closeup of the case as well.

Unfortunately, players will find the wooden chest locked with a puzzle locker with three puzzles.

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Alan Wake 2 Lighthouse Stash Puzzle Solution

The Lighthouse Stash has no possible clues on top of it, unlike other stashes found in the game.

So, players may find the puzzle extremely difficult even after trying multiple times.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way to approach the locked Stash in the Watery area.

Follow the procedure to unlock the Cult Stash of the Watery Lighthouse;

1. Analyze Area Carefully

Players should explore the area carefully and look for possible hints to unlock the Cult Stash by equipping the torchlight.

While exploring, players find multiple symbols on the wall with yellow paint and brown sticks.

There are three puzzles to solve with three different symbols in the wooden chest.

2. First Puzzle

To get the first riddle correct, players need to find the downward-arrow symbols in the locker.

If players tap the right arrow button five times, the symbol will appear.

Lighthouse stash Puzzle
Switch the right button five times.

3. Second Puzzle

In the second puzzle, players must locate the upward arrow button, with one of them bold.

Alan wake 2 lighthouse stash
Deploy the upward symbol button.

Thankfully, players do not need to make any changes in this part.

4. Third Puzzle 

To solve the third puzzle of the Watery Lighthouse Stash, players need to search for the W symbol.

Alan wake 2 lighthouse stash
Search for the w icon.

The symbol is the eighth button in the puzzle, which will grant players access to the chest.

In addition, players will get three gears and a lore item inside the puzzled Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2.

Players can get a $100 gift card and a year’s free coffee at Oh Deer Diner.

However, there’s a catch: players must recruit the Anderson brothers on the board to grab the bonus rewards.

The Bottom Line

The Cult Stash is one of the unique chests in Alank Wake Two, with little to no hint consisting of exclusive rewards.

Players will get the propane tank, arrows and ammo to get the adventure running.

Lastly, players must search for other such stashes to have a fantastic gaming experience and upgrade their builds.

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