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Ana Ability In Texas ChainSaw Massacre: Best Builds

Ana in Texas Chainsaw boasts an ability called Pain is nothing.

This ability allows Ana to become one of the most challenging characters in the game. 

Furthermore, players can add different perks to enhance their ability further. 

Ana in Texas Chainsaw boasts the Pain is nothing ability. However, that is not the only reason she is a great character. Players can further enhance their ability with additional perks.

This article discusses Ana’s ability in Texas Chainsaw.

Who Is Ana In Texas Chainsaw? 

Ana is one of the victims in Texas Chainsaw, the sister of Maria Flores.

She is a matriarch of the associated friend group.  

Players can select her as a playable character in the game to escape from the Sawyer family. 

Furthermore, among all the victims in the game, she is one of the toughest. 

In Texas Chainsaw, Ana is specifically there to find her sister.

Thus, you may notice her lore heavily leaning towards finding her sibling.

Ana customization panel texas chainsaw
Customization panel for Ana in Texas Chainsaw.
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What Are The Abilities Of Ana In Texas Chainsaw?

Players can access one main ability and additional perks for Ana Flores

Furthermore, her ability is why she is one of the toughest characters in Texas Chainsaw. 

Ana in Texas Chainsaw boasts the ability “Pain is Nothing.”

When the players activate the ability, it will significantly reduce the damage that Ana takes. 

Furthermore, the ability also grants her immunity to the effects of poison. 

Thus making Ana one of the toughest characters in the game.

Ana ability customization panel texas chainsaw
Ana’s ability customization panel in Texas Chainsaw.

Moreover, players can level up their ability as well. This allows players to tweak her playstyle further and make it unique. 

The modifiers can increase the duration of Pain is nothing, change how it functions, reduce the cooldown for the ability, etc. 

The modifier tree is not too complex but provides enough modifications to be unique to your play style. 

Furthermore, similar to other characters in Texas Chainsaw, Ana also possesses a host of perks for players. 

However, players can only choose three perks during their run. 

Below is a list of perks that you can choose from for Ana in Texas Chainsaw:

Perks For Ana Flores In Texas Chainasw
Fight BackGrapplerLast Ditch
Efficient BackstabberBounce Back BetterCover recovery
What Doesn't Kill YouFull HeartsWell Trained
Choose FightStunt DoubleSecond Wind
Bad BloodBar Room HeroHigh Tolerance
Twinkle ToeCover ChargeLone Survivor
Choose FlightEmpoweredConditioned
Medical BenefitsBomb SquadTool Tracks
Must Have Been The WindSneaky PeteLucky Lockpicker
Radar DetectorTourniquetHighly Skilled
Sanguine ShadowExtra DripBeen Workin' Out
No SellRan TrackJump Start
Tougher Stuff

From the above table, we can see that players have a wide array of perks.

What Is The Best Build For Ana In Texas Chainsaw?

There is no best build for Ana in Texas Chainsaw. However, there are a few perks that outshine others. 

Thus, the build we will discuss will use all the perks to enhance Ana’s ability in Texas Chainsaw. 

Here is a list of perks players can choose while playing as Ana in Texas Chainsaw. 

1. Choose Fight

Sneak attacks and close encounters will stun the family members for longer.

This perk pairs well with the grappler perk. 

Furthermore, it allows Ana to win fights easily and escape. 

2. Grappler

Ana boasts a high-strength stat. Thus, the grappler perk allows Ana to tear through the family members while they try to struggle under her hold at times. 

3. No Sell

This perk boosts Ana’s defensive abilities. Furthermore, the perk gets better with level.

Thus, this perk allows Ana to take less damage from a Family member’s attack. 

4. What Doesn’t Kill You

This perk restores health if Ana avoids taking damage for 15 seconds after the first attack. 

Furthermore, this is a great perk if you can escape from the family members. 

However, the main reason to pick this perk up is to heal after taking damage from one of the family members after fixing the generator. 

5. Bar Room Hero

This perk reduces the stun duration from attacks. This perk makes it easier for Ana to escape the family members. 

Furthermore, lower stun duration also means players can help each other much faster. 

Finally, a disclaimer: the aforementioned perks synergize with Ana’s ability.

However, this does not mean these are the only perks you can use for Ana. 

Thus, we encourage players to test out various combinations of perks and then choose the ones that better suit their playstyle. 

The Bottom Line

Ana is one of the toughest characters in Texas Chainsaw. However, she can crumble if players don’t use her ability. 

Furthermore, players must also choose perks to enhance their ability while making the game feel smooth. 

Thus, players must go through a trial and error-process to learn about the abilities and perks they can use with Ana. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about Ana’s ability and a build you can try for her in Texas Chainsaw. 

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