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Best Ships To Steal In Starfield

Starfield allows players to build, customize, or steal the best Ships for a fantastic gaming experience.

Players can then use the stolen travel around the solar system, explore various planets and progress through missions.

Players must increase their targeting skills to steal the best Ship in Starfield, dock the Ship, defeat the crew members, and board the Spaceship. Epileptic Falcata and UC  Vanguard Outlaw are a few of the Ships that can be stolen.

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Usage Of Ships In Starfield

Starfield offers players tons of different Ships from lower to higher abilities.

Some Ships can only be purchased, while others can only be unlocked through missions.

While the factions and NPC occupy some Ships that players can only steal.

 However, players have to be careful not to get caught or attacked. 

Players can encounter many Ships when they travel through different planets or play quests.

The Ship may have an overwhelming exterior design, but the mechanics may not be the best.

Also, there can be average-looking Ships with the best attack and defensive capabilities.

Players must analyze all the aspects, including the engine, the gravity drivers, the shield, weapons, habitats and bays.

As players can steal and store almost ten Ships in Starfield, they can later be sold for high profit as well. 

The higher the stats, the higher the defensive, offensive and speed.

The best spaceships can help players to have a significant advantage over formidable creeks and enemies.

How To Steal The Best Ship In Starfield?

Before jumping to find the best Ship, players should learn how to steal the Ship.

 Make sure to follow the procedure to learn them, 

1. Targeting Skills

Players must have a higher targeting control system skill to locate the enemy Ship more conveniently.

As there are various skills, including physical, social, tech, and combat, the targeting skills are the category of the tech skill.

targeting control system
Tech target control system.

 The skills assist players in locking the enemy Ship, and the target increases by 15%, 30% and 60% while ranking up.

Furthermore, other skills players can enhance their piloting skills; upon the increment, players can have higher control.

The skills are helpful when players want to steal Starfield’s Best Type C or B Ship.

2. Lock The Target

After boosting the targeting skills, the next step is to search for the flying Ship.

Players should lock the target Ship and wait for the slow animation to occur.

Target Lock Starfield
Lock the Enemy Ship.

Further, players should avoid targeting the subsystems as it is covered in shields.

So, players shall focus on attacking and destroying the enemy Ship so that players can board the target Spaceship.

A red horizontal line will appear when the engine is failing.

starfield best ships to steal
Destroy the engine of the Ship.

3. Board The Ship

After players destroy the engine, they should hop on the Spaceship to hijack.

Players should clear all the plane’s habitats and cockpit by killing the Spaceship crews.

Ensure you have a powerful weapon, as the crew will attack when players enter their territory.

Further, Players should then enter the cockpit, and thankfully, the Ship can now board. 

Dock the ship
Board the Ship after docking.

Players can now see the overall stats and the value of the Ship.

Further, players must register the Ship before customizing or selling it to the ship merchants.

Otherwise, the player can just defeat the security inside the Ship and steal exclusive items if the Ship is not good enough.

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Best Ships To Steal In Starfield

After players know how to steal the Ship, it’s now time to search for the best ships to earn higher credits or keep in the outpost.

Here is the list of the best Ships to steal in the Starfield game:

1. UC Vanguard 

The UC Vanguard is definitely up there for the best Spaceship to steal.

It has a value of 13882 credits and a fuel capacity of 280 liters.

starfield best ships to steal
Steal the UC Vanguard Raptor.

The Spaceship has 20 reactors; up to four crew members and companions can travel in the cockpit.

Moreover, it provides the hover jump of 17 LY and, unfortunately, lower cargo space for carrying the inventories.

The UC Vanguard provided players with an adequate defense with its 455 shields.

Lastly, players can access 39 missiles and 17 ballistics during an attack.

2. Outlaw  Ship

The other Ship you can get a lot of credit for stealing is the Outlaw.

starfield best ships to steal
Spectate the Outlaw Ship.

Even though many Ships players can unlock during missions, that is more valuable.

However, players don’t have to invest time playing the mission to earn the credits faster if they want to steal Ships.

The Ship has a value of over 10,000 and 350 mass.

Moreover, the Outlaw is enabled with six lasers and 15 ballistics but lacks the missiles. 

A total of 18 reactors are equipped on the Ship, and more than 400 shields are there to protect the enemy in fights. 

Further, it offers a jump LY of 24 and three members can travel in the Ship while exploring the planets and moons.

3. Epileptic Falcata 

Epileptic is among the Ships players can steal from enemies and has an 18254 credit value.

starfield best ships to steal
Steal the Ecliptic Falcata ship.

Players can steal any kind of Ship when traveling through the solar system, then destroy the engine to dock over. 

Upto four crew members can board the Spaceship, and it offers 440 shields and 17 LY to protect them

The gravity drivers of Epileptic Falcata are immensely high and have 20 reactors to run the engine.

Its mass is almost 700, with 36 missiles and 17 ballistics to boast the attack.

Thankfully, its cargo space is also pretty huge, with enough fuel and hull capacity. 

The Bottom Line

Players can steal the best Ship to earn credits or register and customize it according to their needs.

Unfortunately, they will not earn a considerable sum of money as most of the money will be wasted on registering the Ship.

However, stealing a few of them might add value, so players can sell them and buy Starfield’s Most Expensive Ship.

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