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Leatherface Skill Tree In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the recently released multiplayer horror game.

The game has been gaining the attention of many due to its gameplay.

The game has five killers, among which Leatherface is one of the most important.

Leatherface is one of the most iconic character of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and has a very strong skill tree. He has an impressive stat on savagery and a very high endurance.

Here’s a detailed explanation of Leatherface’s character and skill tree.

Killers Of Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

It is common knowledge by now that Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a game that operates in a four survivors and three killers gameplay.

There are five killers in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Here is a detailed breakdown of those;

  1. The Leatherface: The Leatherface is equipped with his chainsaw weapon, which makes him a gruesome character. He also can crawl in tight spaces and provide blood to the Grandpa.
  2. The Hitchhiker: He is a master at manipulating the paths and setting traps so the victims do not escape. His high endurance also makes him immune from any victim attacks.
  3. The Cook: He is popular for his attentive ears and high savagery. His job is to lock the doors and set traps to prevent victims from escaping.
  4. Sissy: She is a new face to the game and is the best in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Her endurance and harvesting are also high, making her a strong character.
  5. Johnny: He is a true predator who can burst through doors and fit in tight spaces. He disorients the victim with his attacks, adding confusion and savagery to his attacks.
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Leatherface’s Skill Tree And Attributes

Leatherface is one of the most important characters of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

Although he appears to be a little sluggish, he is one of the strongest who can bust down doors.

Leatherface Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Leatherface is one of the most iconic characters of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Leatherface should also be involved in every one of your plays.

While other can set traps and ensure the survivors do not escape, Leatherface can kill.

Leatherface has a pretty strong skill tree with significant strengths.

He is the most savage among all the Family members, with a savagery 40.

Leatherface Skill Tree
The skill tree of Leatherface is quite impressive.

In addition, his endurance is also relatively high, making him recover faster from any attacks out of the blue.

However, his blood build is pretty low, so he cannot feed Grandpa as much as he should.

Also, his chainsaw, his main weapon, has a startup time, and he cannot attack unless the weapon is active.

Leatherface is also quite loud, and his chainsaw makes him louder.

Furthermore, this attribute lets victims know Leatherface is nearby and has better chances of sneaking out.

However, this attribute can be used to his advantage by making the victims escape, and another character sneak attacking the victim.

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How To Increase Leatherface’s Blood-Harvesting Stat?

To increase Leatherface’s Blood Harvesting stat, follow the steps outlined below;

  1. Since all matches start out at the basement, and Leatherface usually patrols that area, this is Leatherface’s time to shine.
  2. Leatherface can attack victims in less time, and there are fewer places to hide in confined spaces.
  3. Avoid killing victims from the above or by hitting their heads.
  4. Kill the victims by lying them down, using Leatherface’s chainsaw and making them bleed.

These are some of the tips that can make your Leatherface’s Blood Harvesting stat to go up.

Doing this will allow Leatherface to feed Grandpa as much blood as possible.

Perks And Powers Of Leatherface

Many perks of Leatherface make him the main character of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Some of them are detailed below:

  1. Rough Cut: When Leatherface attacks a victim, it causes lingering damage to the victim over time.
  2. Master Key: The Master Key perk will let Leatherface break down doors more quickly.
  3. Tracker Tagged: This support skill lets other family members see whenever Leatherface makes an attack.
  4. Blood Banker: The blood banker skill lets Leatherface’s blood collection give more storage space whenever he maxes out.
  5. Animal Farm: Animal Farm is a power that lets Leatherface track by increasing the range that chickens detect victims.
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The Bottom Line

Leatherface is the most important character of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is required to be present in all of the game matches.

Most known for his savagery and endurance, he marks one of the best in the game.

Although his Blood Harvesting is relatively low, many things help to increase his stats.

Therefore, he tries to build Leatherface’s stat and become the most gruesome in the show.

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