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Discover Everything About AO3 Wrapped

AO3 is a haven for fanfiction fans worldwide and after each year, there is a particular tradition: AO3 Wrapped.

It’s a place for fans to express themselves creatively and share their enthusiasm for their favorite fandoms.

AO3 wrapped gather data for users of the fanfiction website Archive of Our Own. It collects and allows you to produce your customized data.

This article discusses AO3 wrapped and how to get your AO3 wrapped.

What Is AO3 Wrapped?

Like Spotify or Apple Music Replay, AO3 is an opportunity to reflect on your year in fandom and see what you’ve been reading and loving.

AO3 doesn’t offer an official Wrapped feature, but fans have stepped up to create a variety of tools and scripts to fill the gap!

It allows you to produce your customized data due to the inventiveness of fans.

ao3 fandom
Explore to find some fandom data.
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Purpose Of AO3 Wrapped

The goal is to gather data for users of the fanfiction website Archive of Our Own.

Moreover, it shows the total number of words read, the amount of time spent reading, and the user’s top tags.

There are multiple versions of the application accessible, including an unauthorized version on GitHub.

BotHermione has built a version that requires users to connect their AO3 accounts, while a Redditor has also created their version.

Therefore, it allows users to obtain their AO3 metrics for the year 2022.

However, there is also a browser add-on that offers comparable information.

The goal of AO3 Wrapped is to provide users with information on their reading habits and preferences on the AO3 website.

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Community discussion about AO3 wrapped on Reddit.

How To Get Your AO3 Wrapped?

There are several options for getting your AO3 wrapped. The following are the most prevalent methods:

1. Use A Third-Party Tool

A variety of tools are accessible online, including AO3Metrics,, and WRAPPED by BotHermione.

Likewise, these tools will prompt you to check into your AO3 account before generating your metrics.

2. Create Your Script

If you’re technically inclined, you may create your script to analyze your AO3 history data.

On GitHub, there are a few scripts you may use as a starting point.

Moreover, Wrapped operates independently of the official website, and there are potential dangers involved in using third-party technologies.

Here are a few things to remember  discussed on Reddit:

  1. Use only tools from reputable sources.
  2. Never give out your AO3 password to anyone.
  3. Please keep in mind that certain tools may capture more data than others.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may always produce your statistics manually.

This is a longer procedure, but it provides you with greater control over your data.

The Bottom Line

It is a fun way to celebrate your love of fanfiction, no matter how you do it. 

To avoid potential risks, stick to official methods for tracking your AO3 activity, as it is an independent project.

Be sure only to use tools from trusted sources; never share your AO3 password with anyone.

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