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Witness Peacock In Fortnite: Zoo Escape

In Fortnite, players can enter the zoo escape minimap with code 5860-9076-1193  and encounter a beautiful Peacock.

Similarly, players can witness several other animals and have the virtual experience by progressing through the level.

Players can explore a virtual zoo filled with animals like deer, panda, whales, Peacock, etc by embarking on the Zoo escape adventure in Fortnite. Similarly, players can only have the majestic view of Peacock at level 24 on map 5860-9076-1193.

Continue reading to learn more about the Peacock in Zoo escape event in Fortnite.

Zoo Escape Adventure In Fortnite

Fortnite is not just about intense fighting and survival, it also offers maps filled with adventures and challenges.

Players can embark on an adventure filled with animals, and birds by exploring the Zoo Escape mini-map.

Peacock In Escape From Zoo Fortnite
Players can witness beautiful creatures like Peacocks during their adventure in Escape From Zoo.

However, players must complete 30 different levels to explore all 30 animals in the Zoo Escape Adventure.

During this adventure, players have to enter the cage of the animal spend some time with it, and escape from that cage.

Moreover, players should also go underwater to discover creatures like fish, and sea turtles during their zoo escape adventure.

Peacock: A Beautiful Bird At Level 24 In Fortnite

Among the several creatures in Fortnite: Zoo Escape Adventure, the peacock is the most beautiful and stands out from the rest of them.

Peacock is the majestic highlight of the event as it captivates players with its vibrant colors and beauty.

Similarly, Peacocks are native to South Asia and Africa and are found in a wide variety of species.

The species like Indian peafowl are found within South Asia, including countries like India and Nepal.

Description of Peacock
Players can learn about the Peacock by finding the board that describes its features.

However, species like Congo Peafowl are mostly found in Central and Western Africa. 

Moreover, the Peacock is the most liked bird and is often raised in captivity worldwide for their colorful and ornamental feathers.

Adult peacocks are mostly fed corn, barley, insects, rice fresh vegetables, and even good quality dog and cat foods.

Nevertheless, players should reach level 24 before witnessing and learning the beautiful Peacock’s features.

Other Animals In Fortnite Zoo Escape Adventure

Alongside Peacock, players can witness further several animals during their Zoo escape adventure.

Here is the list of animals for players to witness and learn about while playing the map  of code 5860-9076-1193 in Fortnite Zoo

  1. Koala At Level 1
  2. Deer At Level 2
  3. Pig At Level 3
  4. Panda At Level 4
  5. Gorilla At Level 5
  6. Duck At Level 6
  7. Sea Turtle At Level 7
  8. Penguin At Level 8
  9. Polar Beer At Level 9
  10. Ostrich At Level 10
  11. Might Lion At Level 11
  12. Elephant At Level 12
  13. Chicken At Level 13
  14. Bat At Level 14
  15. Capybara At Level 15
  16. Touchan At Level 16
  17. Hippopotamus At Level 17
  18. Snake At Level 18
  19. Crocodile At Level 19
  20. Fox At Level 20
  21. Owl At Level 21
  22. LLama At Level 22
  23. Cow At Level 23
  24. Peacock At Level 24
  25. Octopus At Level 25
  26. Shark At Level 26
  27. Flamingo At Level 27
  28. Zebra At Level 28
  29. Camel At Level 29
  30. Giraffe At Level 30

Thus, players should progress through each level to witness all 30 animals in Escape From Zoo Adventure in Fortnite.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is not just about the challenges, survival, and battle, rather also a realm for unique virtual adventures.

Players can learn about unique animals, birds, and sea creatures by embarking on the Escape from Zoo Adventure.

Similarly, during the escape from zoo adventure players can witness and learn about the Peacock at level 24.

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