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How To Beat Remnant 2 Nerud World Boss?

In the Dark Word of Remnant 2, N’Erud is the location of the megastructure created by the Drzyr to help them find other Sentinal across the galaxy.

In Remnant 2, players face two bosses that can spawn, depending on their actions: Tal’Ratha and Sha’Hala. Players will encounter these bosses during the main storyline of the Nerud.

In this article, we will introduce the Nerud world boss and ways to beat the boss in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 N’Erud World Boss Walkthrough

N’Erud is one of the three worlds players can visit during a campaign.

However, in every campaign run, the order players visit this world will be random. 

Upon reaching N’Erud, players are given two main storylines, which they can play through, and these storylines are decided at the starting point;

Here are world Bosses you will encounter in two storylines;

  • Sha’Hala
  • Tal Ratha

How To Reach Sha’Hala: Spectral Gurdial Of N’Erud Word Boss

Sha’Hala is one of the two possible bosses in Remnant 2 you will encounter during the final section of the Travel to Alepsis-Taura storyline.

Alepsis-Taura is a dangerous and challenging region that skilled players can access.

Alepsis-Taura is the location that the player can get after completing the Tavel Alepsts-Taura quest.

However, to reach that, the Alepsis players must defeat the N’Erud world boss and obtain the Eidolon Shard.

Here are the challenging tasks you must complete to reach the boss.

  1. When you reach the seeker’s rest, you will find a seeker’s key.
  2. Then, as you move to the next area, a vast mechanical eye will assign you a task to find this natural body, The Custodian, at a tower located at Ascension Spires.
The Custodian
Players can meet up with The Custodian at the Ascension Spire, who asks for your help to gather the Seeker’s Keys.
  1. The Custodian will then ask you to find the three seekers’ keys and gain access to the core of the N’Eruds.
  2. Furthermore, the seeker’s key is located at the seeker’s rest, Dungeon, within a Phantom Wasteland and the last one at Timeless Horizon.
  3. Once you obtain all three keys, travel to the sentinel keep and interact with the terminal.
Remnant 2 N'Erud World Boss
Interacting with this terminal will lead to the world boss of N’Erud, Sha’Hala.
  1. Then you will initiate the fight with the World Boss: Sha’Hala: Spectral Gurdial of N’Erud.

How To Reach Tal’Ratha World Boss

Tal’Ratha is the Drzyr, a powerful creature found on N’Erud.

Players will encounter this  Tal’Ratha during the final section of the Tal’Ratha and The Shining Essence Echo storyline.

Here is a guild for this storyline;

  1. This storyline’s starting point is the Forgotten Prison, where players are asked to find the Soul Spark by an unknown voice.
  2. Once you exit the Forgotten Prison, You will find The Custodian inside Ascension Spire and ask to kill Tal’Ratha and obtain Shining Essence.
  3. Furthermore, he will also give you the item Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules to aid your fight against Tal’Ratha.
  4. Once you have obtained the  Soul Spark Cylinder, head to the other side of the Forgotten Prison, where you can enter Tal’Ratha’s Refuge.
The quest item which is players need to find during the quest of the Tal’Ratha quest
  1. Then, the voice player who spoke earlier revealed himself as a Tal’Ratha and presented you with two choices.
Remnant 2 N'Erud World Boss
Tal’Ratha, who is massive compared to other Drzyrs, will be inside the chamber where you speak with him.
  1. Regardless of the choice, it would be best to fight the Tal’Ratha.
  2. However, if you choose Eaten, you will fight against Tal’Ratha in Metaphysical Form.

How To Beat N’Erud World Boss?

Here is the process to beat both N’Erud World Boss you encounter;

1. Beat Nerud World Boss – Sha’Hala

  1. Sha’Hala boss has two Phases.
  2. In the first phase, Sha’Hala sends the attacks directly from the orb.
  3. Players have plenty of opportunities to attack the orb when its hand does not cover the orb.
Weak Spot
Keep attacking the weak spot until you deaf the world boss.
  1. Here are some attacks players need to watch out for in this mode, such as Hand Beams, homing Orbs, and Dialog Lighting.
Multiple attacks
Players have to dodge multiple attacks from him.
  1. Please focus on the defense in the Second Phase and dodge its attacks.
  2. Players are only able to attack during the Blackhole attack.
Remnant 2 N'Erud World Boss
Sha;hala special attack can be dodged if the player gets enough space.

Therefore, get enough distance and unleash your bullet onto its orbs.

2. Beat Nerud World Boss – Tal’Ratha

  1. You can defeat Tal’Ratha in Standard form by damaging Gaping Mouth, its weak spot.
He can close the distance quickly, mainly when using the charge attack.
  1. Furthermore, Tal’Ratha, in Metaphysical form, is defeated by dealing damage to the head.
  2. Regardless of its giant body, it is fast and has an AOE ability. So, players have to attack while dodging their attack.
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The Bottom Line

Upon defeating the Sha’Hala World Boss player will receive tons of rewards, including Eidolon Shard, x1, Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge Segment (Sentinel’s Keep), and Void Cinder.

Defeating Tal’Ratha players receive unique rewards such as Shinning Essence, Spice Bile, and Acidic Jawbone.

These bosses and storylines help players to build up their characters and clear the tough dungeons filled with challenges.

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