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Apex Cross Progression Not Working: All Solutions

Many players face an issue in Apex Legends as their cross progression is not working.

Due to this issue, many players are expressing their frustration in gaming communities.

The solutions to Apex Cross Progression Not working are waiting for the rolldown period as Apex has millions of accounts to merge and use the same EA ID.

Continue reading to learn about the Apex Cross Progression Issue and the measures to solve it.

Apex Cross Progression Not Working

After years of waiting, Apex Legend has introduced the cross-progression after more than four years of the game’s launch.

Thankfully, the feature is available on all platforms: PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox in the Season 19.

apex cross progression not working
Use the Cross Progression feature on all platforms.

The exclusive feature is mandatory for players across all of the platforms.

If players don’t transfer their accounts by the deadline, their accounts will be transferred in the future.

In addition, if players have loads of skins and have achieved higher ranks, they can enjoy Apex Legends on every platform.

The system will automatically select the account with the highest levels as the primary account with skins and stats.

However, many players cannot benefit from the Apex Cross Progression due to some issues.

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Fixes To Apex Cross Progression Not Working

Here are some of the fixes to solve the Apex Cross Progression issue;

1. Rolling Out Period

Many player’s Apex progression is not working due to a lengthier rollout period for various reasons.

As Apex has millions of active players, ensuring stability by merging their accounts is extremely difficult.

To avoid server crashes, Respawn Entertainment and Panic Button Games are playing it safe.

 Players may get a prompt anytime soon, so keep an eye on the Battle Royale game.

2. Use Same EA ID

Many players may have installed the game from different EA accounts across PC, Playstation or Xbox.

As a result, players can’t take advantage of the Cross Progression feature in Apex Legends.

Hence, players can only link the accounts under the same EA ID.

3. Account Date

To get the accessibility of Apex Cross Platform, users should have created another before 26 October 2023.

Any purchases, including the coins, legendary skins or stats, will be invalid.

Hence, players must use the account separately; nonetheless, it can be a hassle-free experience while enjoying the game.

4. Contact Technical Support

If players have the notification in the game and have an issue with progression, contact EA support.

Players should know that every state, skin and apex coin will not be merged.

In addition, the leaderboard, platform achievement and legendary skins will not change or be transferred.

The Bottom Line

Apex Cross Progression is an exciting feature for many players but has a few limitations as well.

Players cannot access the Nintendo DS Pathfinders kin, PS Pack items, Xbox Finders edition and gold items in the progression.

Players should check their account details, wait for the activation, and view the Apex website for complete details about the feature.

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