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Defeat The Black Rabbit Brotherhood In Lies Of P: 2nd Fight Guide

The most dreaded enemies, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, are a notorious gang of four siblings in 2nd fight in Lies of P.

This formidable quartet of siblings leverages their power to compel the locals to extort and pay Ergo as protection money.

To triumph over the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P, employ tactics such as luring and eliminating one brother first and then aiming fatal strikes from behind against the remaining two. Finally, use a surplus of throwable items on the eldest (the ultimate boss) in the 2nd fight.

Continue reading to gain insights on how to triumph in the 2nd fight against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

Loadouts To Defeat The 2nd Fight Against Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The 2nd Fight pits you against not just a single foe but four distinct foes you must defeat simultaneously.

It requires a strategic approach, a trusty blade, and a bag of tricks to defeat the formidable Black Rabbit Brotherhood in the Lies of P.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you take down this challenging boss in the Malum District.

1. Arm Yourself With Two Dragon Swords

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is no pushover, hence you’ll need to equip yourself with formidable weapons to match their strength.

Thus, invest in two Dragon Swords and upgrade them to at least level 4 which increases your abilities to do plenty of damage to the foes.

Besides, the extra blade will be practical when facing multiple opponents in the Brotherhood battle.

Two dragons sword weapon
Invest in two Dragon Swords and upgrade them to at least level 4.

2. Employ The Aegis Legion Arm

The Aegis Legion Arm is what you need for defense and explosive damage-dealing.

In brief, it blocks incoming strikes and lets you execute heavy counter-punches.

Eventually, this defense technique comes in very handy, especially on the constant attacks by the Brotherhood.

3. Harness The Power Of Amulets

Furthermore, you must harness the power of necessary amulets to gain the upper hand in this battle.

Equally important is the Murderer Amulet, which not only reinforces your combat prowess but also serves as a Carrier’s Amulet.

In fact, this dual functionality will prove to be an invaluable asset in your overall survival and victory.

Consider, maintaining a slightly heavy loadout but not excessive to preserve your stamina for the battle.

4. Stock Up On Throwable Items

Throwable items are the valuable assets you will need in the 2nd battle against the black rabbit brotherhood.

For this reason, head to the Black Market Trader that was in Chapter 5 in Malum District and stock up on throwable items.

Stock up Throwable Items
Head to the Black Market Trader that was in Chapter 5 to stock up on throwable items.

Thus, you can enforce ranged attacks using these throwables which ultimately help you control the battle’s pace and keep your foes at bay.

5. Summon Your Spectre Before The Battle

Before you enter the battlefield, summon your Spectre who is going to be the trusted ally against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Summon your spectre
Summon your Spectre who is going to be the trusted ally in the battle.

To your benefit, it will assist you throughout the battle by offering support and distraction to your enemies.

Without a doubt, this additional support can make a world of difference against the three foes, perhaps even against the Eldest Brother.

6. Secure Friendship Wishstones.

As the Spectre is a valuable ally, you need to ensure his longevity and survival throughout the battle to increase your chances of victory.

Hence, you need to gather Friendship Wishstones to enable you to heal your Spectre and extend its lifespan.

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2nd Fight Tips To Win Against The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your triumph against this quartet of siblings in the 2nd Fight.

1. Spectre’s Role As Primary Target

Spectre will be the primary target for the brothers so strengthen Spectre’s defenses to ensure his longevity in the battle.

When the brothers are aggroing on Spectre, seize the opportunity to fish for backstabs by delivering fatal strikes.

Spectre's Role As Primary Target in lies of p
Spectre will be the primary target for the brothers.

Notably, preserve your stamina because you will be vulnerable and might create an opening for counterattacks.

2. Targeting The Youngest Sibling First

The youngest Brotherhood member is quite easy to defeat using a simple strategy.

Isolating And Elimination

When the two elder brothers are focused on attacking the Spectre separate the youngest sibling from the group’s engagement.

As soon as she enters the arena, lure her towards you using the puppet string and then attack a few times when she’s passive.

When she retreats, use the Puppet String again and endlessly throw fatal strikes from behind to eliminate her.

lies of p black rabbit brotherhood 2nd fight
Separate the youngest sibling from the group’s engagement and eliminate.

3. Defeat Middle And Elder Brothers

After you eliminate the youngest brother, you can follow the cheese method below to win against the two brothers.

I. Aim For Fatal Attacks From Behind

Now just take turns on the remaining two brothers and alternatively, strike when the brothers are focused on attacking the Spectre.

Regardless, you must take advantage of this situation and launch fatal attacks from behind and simultaneously defend your specter.

II. Try To Lower The HP 

However, you must keep the two brothers equally alive and deplete their health close to each other.

Hence, you can kill two brothers in close succession from one another before the Eldest wakes up from his dirt nap.

III. Aim For A 1V1 Battle 

As soon as you kill one of the two brothers the eldest brother is going to spawn with full health and power.

Hence you do not want to deal with two foes at this moment because at this point of the battle your spectre will be dead.

In this case, you need to quickly eliminate the remaining two brothers before the eldest respawns and aim for a 1 v 1 battle.

2nd Fight Against The Eldest Brother Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Finally, you will have only the eldest brother to deal with who has full health and very close-range fatal attacks.

Despite the threatening appearance of the eldest, he is not as formidable as he may seem, although a few hits can still immobilize you.

The Eldest Brother Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood
Eldest brother has full health and very close-range fatal attacks.

Use Throwables

The Eldest is a nasty foe so the priority is to step back and employ ranged attack tactics to gain the upper hand.

Hence, you can get behind the pile of trash to your advantage using the map and consistently charge him with plenty of throwables.

Simultaneously, dodge his every strike and launch attacks using throwable items while using the pile of trash as your cover.

lies of p black rabbit brotherhood 2nd fight use throwables
Use map to your advantage and consistently charge with plenty of throwables.

The Bottom Line

To conquer the battle against the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s second encounter demands a meticulous approach.

Despite how infuriating the battle might be, this group of foes can be defeated by exercising persistence and patience.

Thus, by killing the youngest sibling first, and quickly killing the remaining two brothers, you can create favorable conditions for victory.

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