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Arc Attunement In Destiny 2: How To Obtain It?

Arc Attunement is a new feature in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch that allows you to enhance your abilities.

Also, it allows you to interact with the Hive crystals in the Savathun’s Spire and Altars of Summoning activities.

To obtain Arc Attunement in Destiny 2, players must collect the floating Opaque Cards and complete the seasonal story quest “The Bladed Path.”

In this article, we will learn about the Arc Attunement and how to choose it in Destiny 2.

What Is Arc Attunement In Destiny 2?

Arc Attunement is the new feature that Destiny 2 brought in the Season of the Witch. 

Players must use  Arc Attunement with other Attunments like Void and Solar for the Savathun’s Sprie and Altars of Summoning Activites.

Arc Attunement In Destiny 2
Savathun spire is one of the new activities in Destiny for players to experience.

This activity requires players to collect the Opaque Cards floating around.

However, players must have Arc, Void and Solar Attunement to collect the Opaque Card.

The player must complete the seasonal story quest “The Bladed Path.” 

This means these items are not available right now in the game.

However, as you navigate the Quest page, you can see the quest for week two that says, “You can Attune one element.”

Therefore, players can choose Solar, Void or Arc in the second week.

Furthermore, the Attunement that you choose will let you claim minor arcana in Savathun’s Sprie activity.

So, the time-gating also applies to the other element, allowing the player to follow the same process and obtain the Attunement in weeks 4 and 6.

This report has not been confirmed therefore, players just have to wait till next week to acquire the Attunement.

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How To Obtain Arc Attunement In Destiny 2?

Players first need to complete the Bladed Path quest to get any Attunement.

Here are the steps that show how to start the quest;

  1. At first, finish the “Way of the Witch” mission.
  2. Reveal the secrets of the Hive by completing Savathun’s Spire.
  3. Investigate the portal of the southern wing of the H.E.L.M.
  4. After that, talk to Eris Morn in the Athenaeum.
  5. Visit the Lectern Of Divination in the Athenaeum.
  6. Finally, visit the Ritual Table in Athenaeum.

This is the process for starting the Bladed Path quest, and now you can begin the seasonal story.

The Bladed Path Week 1 Quest

The Bladed Path quest is divided into several parts and unlocks after a certain duration of time.

The Week 1 quest involves multiple activities. Some of them are as follows.

1. Travel To The Alter Of Summoning And Complete Mission

Players must explore the new Ritual chamber under Savathun’s Spire in this Step.

Additionally, you need to unlock the newfound power that Eris Morn now controls.

Arc Attunement In Destiny 2
The first step for the player to begin with Mission: Invoke, which you can find on the H.E.LM.

The player must complete the first step during the Blade Path Seasonal quest.

It involves completing the mission called “Mission: Invoker.”

2. Visit The Holoprojector In The H.E.L.M.

Players must visit the holoprojector, where a message is waiting for them.

Correspondingly, the message might be from the disciple of the Orisis Ikora Ray.

Step second includes speaking
The second step includes speaking with the Holoprojecter with your Destiny 2 character.

3. Visit Radio In The H.E.L.M

It seems that Eris Morn has left another message for the players in the same room this time.

Furthermore, this step requires players to listen to the radio message.

Step three is to go to the radio
The next step is to go to the radio and listen to the message waiting for you.

4. End Of Week 1

For the first week, players have completed all the tasks for the Eris Right now.

Until next week, build your power and unravel the secrets of the Hive.

The Bottom Line

Arc and other Attunement is a new and unique feature however, it is timegated by one or two weeks.

So, players need to wait for it to be released.

Until then, keep exploring the new quests and interesting features recently added to the game.

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