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Can You Be A Bounty Hunter In Starfield?

Players can choose to become a bounty hunter in Starfield. 

Furthermore, the fantasy of a bounty hunter comes with its own perks and drawbacks. 

Bounty hunters in Starfield are playable characters. However, players must choose it as the background while creating their character. Furthermore, players cannot choose to become one later on in the game. 

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What Is A Bounty Hunter In Starfield? 

Bounty hunter is a type of mercenary in Starfield. The bounty hunter excels in the cockpit of a ship. 

Thus, players can expect a bounty hunter to gain access and maneuver ships of enemies and companions in an expert manner. 

Furthermore, since Bounty hunters are great at piloting a ship, having one in your team can benefit greatly. 

However, players who choose the Wanted trait must be very vigilant for Bounty hunters because the players with the Wanted trait are the main target for Bounty Hunters. 

Furthermore, players will not see a Bounty hunter coming for them because it can happen anytime.

Also, Bounty hunters can gain a huge sum of money or perks for defeating the players with the Wanted trait. 

However, that does not mean that players will always come across Bounty hunters.

Thus, players do not need to worry about a Bounty hunter popping up in every mission of Starfield. However, as mentioned before, players must be vigilant about them.

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Skills Of A Bounty Hunter In Starfield 

The Bounty Hunter in Starfield sports a variety of skills. Here, we will look into the skills of a Bounty Hunter in Starfield. 

1. Piloting

Bounty hunters are an expert in piloting a spaceship.

Furthermore, since more and more people are exploring the world of Starfield, more people have piloting skills. 

However, none of them come close to the maneuvering skill of a Bounty Hunter, thus, the selling point of a bounty hunter is its expertise in piloting a spaceship. 

2. Targeting Control Systems

The second perk of Bounty hunters is their ability to control missile weapons.

This means that a bounty hunter can accurately pinpoint enemies while maneuvering the spaceships. 

Furthermore, this perk ties into the piloting perk, where the bounty hunter can expertly handle the spaceship. 

This trait allows bounty hunters to hit two birds with one stone. 

3. Boost Pack Training

The last perk of Bounty hunters is their ability to traverse the alien world of Starfield effortlessly. 

This perk boosts their ability to traverse the world on foot.

Thus, Bounty hunters can be beneficial as a party member if you are on foot in any area. 

These perks make bounty hunters a great companion to have on the team.

Furthermore, in certain missions, you must work with NPC bounty hunters, who will showcase these perks to their fullest.  

Can You Be A Bounty Hunter In Starfield?

Yes! You can become a Bounty hunter in Starfield. To become a bounty hunter, you must choose it as a background while creating your character. 

Furthermore, the bounty hunter background comes with all the aforementioned skills.

Thus, you can leverage all the skills mentioned before to their fullest. 

Not only that, if you party up with other players who synergize your background, both you and your companion can benefit from each other. 

Thus, players keen on playing as bounty hunters can definitely choose the background and enjoy the world of Starfield as one of the many bounty hunters. 

Become bounty hunter through background starfield
Players can choose bounty hunter as a background in Starfield

Is Bounty Hunter Worth It In Starfield?

There is no definite answer to this question.

However, if you are one of the players who likes going around like a mercenary and killing vigilantes, go for it. 

Thus, players who prefer the play style of a Bounty hunter and want to live the fantasy of a Bounty Hunter can definitely choose this background. 

Furthermore, players can combine this background with various traits, like Introvert, where the trait is mainly geared towards playing the game alone. 

Not only that, the trait even gives various benefits for going about the world of Starfield solo. 

Thus, if you are going for a bounty hunter background, make sure to choose a trait that suits you the best. 

Since a bounty hunter does not want to be too flashy and garner too much attention in any fantasy. 

The Bottom Line

The bounty hunter is a selectable starting background in Starfield. Furthermore, similar to other backgrounds it sports a variety of skills. 

Thus, players may find the play style of the bounty hunter quite attractive.

Additionally, the bounty hunter background can be mixed with various traits for a better and unique gameplay experience. 

Hopefully, this article can inform you whether you can be a bounty hunter in Starfield. 

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