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Hunters Remembrance In Destiny 2: How To Complete It?

Destiny 2 revolves around a single world with changing seasons, events, quests and challenges.

Hunters Remembrance is one of the game’s quests, which is exciting with valuable rewards.

Hunters Remembrance is a challenging quest in the 22nd season of Destiny 2. It requires interaction with Petra Venj, defeating the Three Taken enemies and purifying them to be rewarded with a Hawkmoon.

This article dives deeper into the quest’s details, its similarities with other quests and most importantly, the steps to complete the quest.

What Is The Hunter’s Remembrance In Destiny 2?

The Hunters Remembrance quest is found in season 22 of the gameplay.

The quest is started by speaking to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City.

Hunters Remebrance Quest
Hunters Remembrance is a short but rewarding quest.

There are four parts involved in the quest and are:

  • Part 1: Finding Petra Venj and interacting with her
  • Part 2: Locating the Three members, as said by Petra Venj
  • Part 3: Presenting the purified awakened mementos to the statue of Sjur Eido
  • Part 4: Return to Petra Venj

How To Complete The Hunters Remembrance Quest?

The Hunters Remembrance Quest is available to all players who have completed the Forsaken Campaign.

Additionally, the players will have to access the location of Dreaming City.

Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the Hunters Remembrance Quest:

1. Speak To Petra Venj In The Dreaming City

Firstly, you have to reach the Dreaming City and locate Petra Venj.

During your interaction, she will guide you about the quest, and the quest is started.

She will ask you to purify the three Awoken mementos by hunting down the three Taken enemies.

Petra Venj Huntres Remembrance Destiny 2
Petra Venj tells about the details of the quest.

2. Go To The Shattered Throne 

The three Taken enemies are a Minotaur in Erebus, a captain in The Descent, and an Ogre in Eleusinia.

The Shattered Throne is a challenging dungeon, so ensure you are at least 900 Power Level before attempting it.

The Minotaur in Erebus is a powerful enemy, so be careful not to get caught in its stomp attack.

Likewise, the Captain in the Descent can teleport around the arena, so keep an eye on it.

Similarly, the Ogre in Eleusinia is a slow-moving enemy, but it can deal much damage with its stomp attack.

3. Defeat The Three Taken Enemies 

After reaching the Shattered Throne and locating the three Taken enemies, defeat them.

The Taken enemies resist most damage types, so bring weapons that deal with Void damage.

4. Return To Petra Venj 

Once you have defeated the three enemies and purified their mementos, return to Perta Venj.

She will want to see if you have completed the task assigned by her.

After the completion, she will give you Hawkmoon.

5. Reward After The Quest Completion.

The Hawkmoon is a powerful Exotic Sidearm that Hunters, Warlocks and Titans can use.

Moreover, the weapon has a unique perk called “Paracausal Shot” to deal bonus damage to enemies.

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Is The Quest Similar To The Wish-Ender Quest?

Players have taken to discussion platforms such as Reddit to explain the Hunters Remembrance quest’s similarity to the Wish-Ender quest.

They claim that the Hunters remembrance quest is just a refurbished version of the Wish-Ender quest.

Reddit review about huntress remembrance
A Reddit user discussion of the similarities of the Hunters Remembrance quests with the Wish-Ender quest.

Both these quests are pretty similar due to factors such as:

  • Both quests take place in the Dreaming City.
  • Both quests reward you with an Exotic Weapon.

Here is a table describing the similarities and differences between these quests.

Both quests take place in the Dreaming City.The Hunters Remembrance quest is much shorter and easier than the Wish-Ender quest.
Both quests reward you with Exotic weapon.The Hunters Remembrance quest does not require you to collect any collectibles.
Both quests are challenging and rewarding.The Wish-Ender quest require you to defeat powerful enemies and solve puzzles.

Overall, the Hunters remembrance quest is more straightforward than the IWsh-Ender quest.

However, both quests are rewarding and offer players a chance to obtain powerful Exotic weapons.

Other Quests In Destiny 2

There are many other quests present in Destiny 2 with equally unique rewards and challenges.

Some of them are:

  • The Whisper: This quest rewards you with the Whisper of the Worm, a powerful sniper rifle.
  • Zero Hour: This quest rewards you with the Outbreak Perfected, a powerful pulse rifle.
  • Cayde’s Will: This quest rewards you with the Ace of Spaces, a powerful hand cannon.
  • Malfeasance: This quest rewards you with the Malfeasance, another powerful hand cannon.
  • Jötunn: This quest rewards you with the Jötunn, a powerful fusion rifle.

These are just a few examples of the many quests available in Destiny 2.

The Bottom Line

Hunters Remembrance is a quest that provides an Extotic reward after the quest.

To start the quest, you must reach the Dreaming City and search for Petra Venj.

Although defeating the enemies might be difficult, the reward makes it fruitful.

So, join the game and complete today’s quest for exciting challenges and rewards.

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