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Ark Survival Ascended : Fix The Issue Of Floating Rocks

In this latest version of Ark Survival Ascended, many players are facing the issue of floating rocks that are defying gravity.

Similarly, here players can navigate the prehistoric landscape of the world, where there are dinosaurs and other ancient creatures.

In Ark Survival Ascended, players must set every option to “Low” in their game settings and adjust the foliage and fluid interaction setting to fix the floating rocks issues.

Continue reading to find out more about the Floating Rocks.

An Overview Of The Problem: Floating Rocks

While playing the game, many players face the issues of the floating rocks in Ark Survival Ascendant.

This is not the first time users have faced this issue, as it was already employed in previous game updates.

However, in the latest updates floating rocks have become more dominant and noticeable as they impact the gameplay.

Players can witness the rocks suspended in mid-air, defying the law of gravity while exploring the vibrant world of Ark Survival Ascended.

Moreover, this could be a mysterious and immersion-breaking issue for the players as it affects their gameplay.

Floating Rock in Ark Survival Ascended.
Player spotting the Floating Rocks inside the game.

As these Floating rocks might just seem like a simple visual distraction, it has a significant impact on the gameplay.

Similalry, in some cases, these floating rocks can obstruct the players’ path while building some of the structures.

It is frustrating for the players if floating rocks come their way because it will significantly impact resource management.

Causes Of Ark Survival Ascended Floating Rocks Issue

The gaming community of the Ark Survival Ascendent is constantly talking about this issue in several gaming forums.

Similarly, most players think it might have happened because of the glitches and bugs within the game.

However, it is not any kind of bug or the latest update. Players have to face floating rock issues if the game is running at Low Settings.

The less powerful gaming rigs use these settings to optimize performance, however, it might lead to this peculiar problem.

Similarly, players are searching for a solution to banish these floating rocks from their game to enhance their gameplay.

Fixing The Issue Of The Floating Rocks

Most players are looking for temporary solutions to fix this problem, however, they want the developers to address it.

It is the role of the gaming company to fix an issue like this; developers should have released a patch to correct the floating rock problem.

However, after some testing and research, players have found a setting that can address the issues of the floating rocks.

Here’s how you can make the necessary adjustments to eradicate the floating rocks issues in your game.

Set every setting to Low
Players change the game settings and change everything to low inside the game.
  1. Initially, players have to go to their in-game settings from the menu.
  2. After opening the settings, set every game feature to “low“. However, you can leave Texture Quality at maximum.
  3. Moreover, players can try restoring all the graphic settings to their default values to solve this issue.
  4. After that, players must focus on the Foliage and Fluid Interaction settings; turn these “ON.”

After making these significant changes in the game settings, players have to adjust the settings of the Foliage and Fluid Interaction.

Here are the details of fixing this issue by changing the Foliage and Fluid Interaction settings.

Adjusting the Foliage Interaction
The player should adjust every setting of the Foliage Interaction to ‘1’.
  • Foliage Interaction Distance Multiplier: Set this to ‘1‘.
  • Foliage Interaction Distance Limit: Set this to ‘1‘.
  • Foliage Interaction Quantity Limit: Set this to ‘1‘.

Finally, after making these changes in your game, you can save your configured settings and relaunch the game.

Now you can see the significant improvement in the floating rocks issue. Even if it is not gone entirely, it won’t affect your gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Ark Survival Ascended is one of the masterpieces of a game with its awesome quirks and engaging gameplay.

The Floating Rock issues have been troubling the players, having a negative impact on their gameplay experience.

In summary, players can solve this issue by adjusting the Foliage and Fluid Interaction and graphic settings.

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