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Weakness Of The Congregator Of Flesh: Lords Of The Fallen

The Congregator of Flesh is a boss of Lords of the Fallen that players find difficult to defeat.

You can find it in the depths of the Forsaken Fen; since it is not an optional boss, you must defeat it to proceed further.

The Congregator of Flesh is weak against burn. You can use weapons and items that inflict burn damage and can defeat it by using fire weapons, inferno spells, fire salts, and a raw mangler axe.

This article discusses the Congregator of Flesh, its weakness, its defeating mechanism, and the rewards after defeating it in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is The Congregator Of Flesh?

Congregator of Flesh is a colossal boss who lives in the depths of the Forsaken Fen.

It is one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Lords of the Fallen.

Additionally, Congregator of Flesh attacks are of different types and have both close and ranged attacks.

This boss has several attacks, such as swipe, smash, bite, body slam, and poison gas.

It is slow but powerful and can deal much damage if the player is not careful.

Congregator of Flesh
The fight with the Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen.

Weakness Of The Congregator Of Flesh

The Congregator of Flesh is weak against burn damage. You can inflict burn damage using fire weapons.

Similarly, consuming minor fire salts can make your attacks burn type.

However, there is no other weakness of the Congregator of Flesh.

You can attack it by using weapons and spells that acquire fire elements to have an upper hand in the combat.

There are many weapons and spells that can be used in combat.

You can use Inferno Spells in spells, fire salts, and raw mangler axes in items.

Additionally, it receives more damage when attacked in its head and legs.

In order to deal more damage, you have to use every possible opportunity available.

Therefore, the optimal opportunity would be after dodging its attacks.

Similarly, you must be close enough to utilize the chance to attack and far enough to dodge the attack.

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How Can You Defeat The Congregator Of Flesh?

First of all, acquire all the recommended spells, weapons, and items that are mentioned above.

Basically, the combat starts with a scream attack by Congregator of Flesh.

You will experience knockback when the fight starts.

Similarly, you must be extra careful since its attacks can inflict poison.

You have to follow its hand movements carefully and know its next attack by its hand movement.

However, it has many different attacks like Scream, Charge, Backhand swipe, claw swipe, fist slam, body slam, head slam, poison wave, leap, and head dive.

Some of its attacks are hard to dodge because of its swiftness.

Attacking Congregator of Flesh
You have to attack its legs to inflict more damage.

The Strategy to defeat the Congregator of Flesh is given below:

  1. Dodge its attack by using circulatory movement.
  2. Then you must focus on its main leg to inflict most of your attacks.
  3. Therefore, stay close to its main leg and inflict damage after dodging its attacks. 
  4. You must attack its legs and head until you lower its health point.
  5. After that, you can defeat it after a few attacks.

Rewards After Defeating The Congregator Of Flesh

After defeating the Congregator Of Flesh, you will be rewarded with some items.

The items that drop after defeating it are:-

  • Vestige Seed x1
  • Umbral Scouring x8

When you soulflay the stigma after defeating the boss, then you will get:

Additionally, when you offer the remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh to Molhu (Merchant), you will get the following:

  • Flesh Tide
  • Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Congregator of Flesh can be defeated by using burn effects and attacking its legs and head.

Therefore, after defeating the boss, you can get rewards to continue your journey in Lords of the Fallen.

Furthermore, you can get more rewards by following the instructions stated in this article.

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