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Starfield Ship Exceeds Max Length: Process To Obtain

Many players are curious if their ship exceeds the max length in the Starfield.

But, the game has capped the maximum size and weight for all the ships.

Players can exceed the maximum length of the ship in Starfield by using the mods and the console command in Starfield. They can activate sStartingConsoleCommand in ini files and run the cheats.

Continue reading to discover how players can exceed the ship’s maximum length in Starfield.

Exceeding Max Length Possible In Ships?

If player are trying to build their ship to the next level, exterior and size customization can be a great option.

Moreover, making the ship bulkier and longer will make the ship look unique.

According to different players, there is a specific limit in both length and size.

Most sources claim the maximum length is 4o meters in all directions.

However, some players claim they built the ship to 80 meters, which may be a bit unlikely.

Passing any ship’s maximum length or size is impossible without using external mods.

Increase ship size in starfield.
Exceed the ship length using the mods.

Moreover, if the ship’s size is high, it can’t land on the planets as their mass will significantly increase.

Players will get an overview of the limit while adding the parts and customizing the modules in the ship technician’s location.

The approximate number of modules players can build in the ship should be close to 130, depending on the nature.

Moreover, a system error message will occur if players have crossed the limit or the ship parts are incompatible.

If players are willing to break the length limit of the ship, they should install external mods or use the console command.

Otherwise, players cannot build a ship over 100 meters long and as tall as a tower.

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How To Exceed The Max Length Of The Ship In Starfield?

Trying to increase the length capacity of the ship is not as difficult as many players think.

To bypass the limit, players must follow the given procedures;

1. Run The File 

Many players have found a loophole in Starfield’s ship size code.

Further, players can now easily make changes or exploit the code with their preferences in the code and exploit.

To get started, players should enable the console command status in the game.

For that, run the sStartingConsoleCommand in the ini file of the Starfield folder.

2. Launch The Game

After players enter the game, players should initially add a prompt to start using the cheat codes.

Players should enter the tilde key (~), which is located right below the esc (Escape button).

A textbox will appear in the bottom left of the screen.

console command starfield
Open the text box using the tilde key.

3. Use The Console Command

After the automation, players can now easily add the cheats to increase the ship size.

Some of the Chat codes are as follows;

Console CommandSize
setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeX 500080
setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeY 500080
setgs fSpaceshipLandableMaxSizeZ 500080
setgs fSpaceshipLandableSmallSizeY 500045
setgs fSpaceshipBuilderMaxSizeZ 500080
setgs uSpaceshipLandableMaxModules 5000130
setgs uSpaceshipBuilderModuleHardLimit 5000130

A particular module is determined accordingly, so choose the best ship that matches the length and preference.

starfield ship exceeds max length
Increase the length of the ship using the console command.

Effects Of Exceeding The Ship Size

The game can have major or minor issues if players break the length cap in the Starfield.

Moreover, when there is an increase in length, the ship’s mass will enhance rapidly.

So, the ship may not clip in certain spits while exploring the planets and moons.

This may also hamper the game saves, so ensure to have backup files to continue the progress.

In addition, there may also be substantial FPS drops when players install the mods to make changes in the game.

Nonetheless, there are also a few advantages to increasing the ship size.

Players can add higher, increased habs space, more engines and cargo space to load the inventories.

Lastly, this can lead to having a significant advantage as enemies can’t destroy the ships quickly.

The Bottom Line

Increasing the ship’s length can be an overwhelming gaming experience.

Starfield ship exceeds max length using the Nexus mods or using the Console Command in the game.

However, there can be lags, FPS drops, crashing, ship error and other in-game issues while using it.

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