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Explore Everything About Arm Thy Servant In Baldur’s Gate 3

Arm Thy Servant in BG3 is a variant of the class feature Divine Intervention.

The skill allows players to obtain a strong legendary weapon permanently.

Arm Thy Servant is a cleric class feature skill that provides players with a legendary mace and an aura that can heal their allies around a certain area. Furthermore, players can obtain this legendary permanently until they want to change it for a better weapon later on. 

In this article, we will explore everything about Arm Thy Servant and its uses in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Divine Intervention In BG3?

Divine intervention is one of the cleric class features in BG3 which will unlock this feature when they reach level 10.

Players can further divide the class feature into four different abilities.

Each ability provides a buff to the cleric and their own team.

Thus, this feature alone can give the cleric an equal footing with classes adept at fighting.

However, as mentioned before the feature unlocks at level 10. Therefore, players must grind a bit to unlock the class feature.

After unlocking the class feature, you can choose from four variations which are given below:

  • Arm Thy Servant: This skill spawns a +3 legendary mace.
  • Opulent Revival: Resurrect fallen companions with half their hit points, and restore all nearby allies as if they had long rested.
  • Sunder The Heretical: Call upon your deity to bring forth radiant cataclysm upon all nearby enemies.
  • Golden Generosity: Call upon your deity to provide you with a rich bounty of potions and camp supplies.

The information shows that each variation of the intervention gears towards either dealing massive damage or providing the players with some form of heal.

Thus, if you are a cleric, you must choose the variant according to your party’s needs.

Furthermore, Sunder the heretical is considerably one of the strongest AOE skills that players can have in the game.

divine intervention variants bg3
Divine intervention variants in BG3.
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What Is Arm Thy Servant In BG3? 

Arm Thy servant is one of the variations of the Divine intervention class feature in BG3.

The feature provides the players with a legendary +3 mace, capable of dealing 1d8 radiant damage with attacks.

Furthermore, the weapon also grants the Healing Incense Aura action.

Activating this aura will create an aura around the character that will heal them and their allies.

The aura has a 9m radius, a duration of ten turns, and does not require concentration.

Additionally, players can cast this skill once per long rest.

The legendary +3 mace is quite useful until players reach Act 3.

Players can obtain stronger weapons doing the harder side content.

Thus, if you are able to get this skill before Act 3, then it is a great way to increase your damage and blitz through the first two acts.

Moreover, it provides a healing buff, thus, it is a great way to deal massive damage and stay healthy while fighting your foes.

arm thy servant skill bg3
Arm thy servant is a variant of the divine intervention skill in BG3.

Uses Of Arm Thy Servant In BG3

The skill is a permanent skill, thus, players can simply activate it the moment they are able to get it.

As mentioned before, it provides a strong legendary mace, thus, making the first two acts much easier than you expect.

However, it does fall off after Act 3, thus, players must keep that in mind.

Furthermore, the damage boost is not the only reason we recommend players to use this, having a passive way of constantly healing your team members is a great perk to have.

This allows the players to save up on potions and even the healing abilities of the clerics with the Arm Thy Servant skill in BG3.

The Bottom Line 

Arm Thy Servant in BG3 is more of an aggressive skill that players can deploy to allow the clerics to deal damage.

But, if the team does not lack the damage, it is better to look into other variants of the class feature to benefit from more.

Thus, when you choose a variant of the class feature, look into your team’s needs.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Arm Thy Servant skill in BG3.

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