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Explore The Changes In BG3 Patch 4

The BG3 patch 4 unfolds the many fixes and changes to improve the gaming experience.

Furthermore, the patch brings along numerous changes and fixes that players have been asking for.

The BG3 patch 4 brings over a thousand fixes, changes and additions to the game that the players have wanted. Other changes include some quality-of-life additions and some changes to the art of the game.

This article discusses the key points of the patch 4 of BG3.

What Is Patch 4 BG3?

The developers of BG3 recently released an update for the game.

The game debuted on August 3, 2023, and has garnered great reviews from users and reviewers alike.

Furthermore, players claim it can be the game of the year due to its storytelling and great visuals.

Larian Studios, the game’s developers, have been hard at work fixing various issues with the game over time.

The developers released the patch on November 2, 2023, consisting of over a thousand changes, fixes and tweaks to the game.

One of the cosmetic highlights of this update is the ability to use sponges and soaps to clean up your party members.

The cleaning-up motion removes grime, bruises, blood and bad odor from the characters.

changes in patch 4 bg3
Players can see various changes and additions in the patch 4 of BG3.
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What Are The Changes Of Patch 4 BG3?

While patch 4 for BG3 is bringing over a thousand changes, we will only review a few critical updates.

Here is a list of key changes that are coming with patch 4 of BG3:

1. Gameplay

The general gameplay update is quite significant all across the board.

The major one is with scratch; now, scratch can pick nearly every item in the game.

Another change is that if you use Speak with Dead on a corpse and do not ask any questions, you can use it again on the same corpse.

There are more frequent auto-saves in the game, which means you do not need to save the game constantly manually.

However, it is better to save your game whenever you are about to go up against bosses or into a new area.

Using a controller, you can have the end turn to require a hold rather than a simple tap.

You can now clean their party members using a sponge and a scrub. This will remove bloodstains, bad odours and grime.

Additionally, you can also make it look as though it is completely naked or in complete equipment or simple camp clothes.

Lastly, the game now supports color blindness and has multiple options depending on the player’s color blindness.

2. Combat

In the combat section, players using ranged weapons in their offhand will not gain any extra bonus damage from their Dexterity.

This mechanic is now in line with the melee weapon mechanic; also, the AI for Flame Blade is now better than its previous iteration.

Players can no longer use Rage when they are under the effects of Calm Emotions.

Furthermore, the “Rage: Tiger Heart” damage scales to 3 at higher levels.

The cost of Scroll of True Resurrection is higher than it was previously.

Your allies will not pick up your weapon if you drop it during a fight.

Lastly, you no longer get the bonus damage from your Dexterity unless you have the Dual Weilder feat.

Previously, you could get bonus damage from their Dexterity for their off-hand ranged weapon, but now they will not get anything.

3. Flow

The flow section of the patch details various changes to certain portions of the storyline or some character interactions.

Players can now choose the companion they want to get giddy with during the post-celebration night in Act 1.

Laezel will not make any remarks in Act 3 before she makes remarks as though you and the companions are still in the early stages of the game.

4. Art

The color of the Potion of Mind reading is a bit different than before to distinguish it from Potions of Healing.

Moreover, the Potion of Mind reading is now a bit more red with a pinkish hue.

5. Animation

The companions have new and improved idle animations when they are in the camp.

Furthermore, there are changes specifically to Karlach to make her feel more lively when she is in the camp.

6. UI

For the UI section, Larian Studios has made changes to improve your gaming experience.

You will now see markers for the characters who want to talk to them on the map.

Furthermore, there are unique map icons specifically for the Magic Mirror and Withers’ Wardrobe.

There are icons for individual skills with stars that show the proficiency and expertise of the skills. 

Additionally, the tooltips for various skills are updated to provide better information.

7. Crashes and Blockers

The issue with the game crashing when you load a save file and it tries to load the items is now fixed.

Furthermore, the same crash issue would occur mainly when the game did not fully load into a level or a region.

The skill proficiency value will now update correctly during the character creation process.

Furthermore, the game will not crash when you switch between the keyboard and controller after the character creation.

The issue with you are not progressing through Act 2 because of Shadowheart not leaving the party is now fixed and will occur properly.

If you want a full rundown of every bit of the patch notes, please head to the official website of Larian Studios for Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

Updates to a game bring forth various changes that will allow players to interact with new mechanics or even see existing ones improve.

Furthermore, patches are also a way for the developers to show their commitment to the feedback the players provide about the game.

Lastly, this article only goes through the beginning portions of the patch notes with its vital information.

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