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How To Complete Abandoned Refuge Event In BG3?

The Abandoned Refuge is one of the various locations players can explore in BG3.

Moreover, Players can access the location in the Grymforge area in the Underdark. 

To complete the Abandoned Refuge Event in BG3, players must extract Runepowder from the Philomeen camp. Further, the Smoke powder is used to complete the Free True Soul Nere Quest in the Cave-in. 

Continure Reading to unlock the exclusive rewards and learn to progress the events in the Abandoned Refuge.

What Is Abandoned Refuge?

The BG3 Abandoned Refuge is a place in the Grymforge area in the Underdark location. 

Further, The Abandoned Refuge location is related to one of the game’s important Quests, Free True Soul Nele

In the Abandoned Refuge, players will find a group of Gnomes.

Moreover, the Gnome waits for someone or a  gateway to Free True Soul Nere, who is locked inside a poisonous cave. 

However, Players should approach Sergeant Thrinn at the Grymforge to begin the event.

Furthermore, Players must complete a few more objectives after locating the Abandoned Refuge.

Players can extract the Runepowder in the location to Clear Cave In to save Nele. 

How To Find Smokepowder in Abandoned Refuge?

To find the Runepowder Vial in the Abandoned Refuge, please follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. Entering the Abandoned Refuge in Grymforge.
Abandoned Refuge
Entering the Abandoned Refuge location in Grymforge, Underdark.
  1. Follow the Sigil’s Path and Press the Button to obtain the Perception check.
Perception Check
Obtaining the Perception Check and entering the Door.
  1. Complete all the Perception checks and follow the route to Jump across the Path.
Philomeen NPC
Jumping across the Path after completing the Perception check.
  1. Interact with Philomeen to receive the Runepowder inside the camp.
Philomeen Baldurs Gate 3
Obtaining the Smoke powder from Philomeen.
  1. Return to the same route and walk through the stairs; else, jumping will leave players and companions stuck.
abandoned refuge bg3
Returning the same route and walking through all stairs.
  1. Walkthrough the Door to complete the Abandoned Refuge Smokepowder Quest.
abandoned refuge bg3
Going back to the starting point by taking the Smoke Powder.

Furthermore, players should save Nere by completing the smoke powder quest in Abandoned Refuge.

Players should return to the Cave-in location after Grabbing the Explosives and the Powder from the Secret Door.

Then, by using the Runepowder Vail, blow up the rocks of the Cave-in.

After that, the Player can rescue the True Soul Nere.

Furthermore, players will receive prestigious rewards after saving the Nele from the poisonous Cave.

However, ensure to reach there before Duarger, otherwise; they will Clear Cave before and dismantle the Nele.

If this happens, it may impact future events if Nele and the two Gnomes die.

Nonetheless, Players can find items such as Daggers, Ruby Rings, Simple RobesScream Swords, and seven others.

The Bottom Line

The Abandoned Refuge is one of the locations in Grymforge, Underdark.

To finish the Abandoned Refuge Event in BG3, players must find the Runepowder Vial from the Philomeen.

Moreover, the item assists in completing the Free True Soul Nere Quest in the Cave-in. 

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