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How To Ask A Villager For A Feather In Dreamlight Valley?

Villagers are the non-playable characters (NPC) in Dreamlight Valley.

Asking for favors or quest items is a significant part of challenges.

Ask a Villager for Feather is one of the tasks of the Prince in Disguise Quest in Dreamlight Valley. You must ask a villager, Scrooge McDuck, for his feather to craft a book for Belle.

This article will explore the duty to ask a villager for a feather in Dreamlight Valley.

What Is The Prince In Disguise Quest?

The Prince in Disguise quest is the latest Quest of Dreamlight Valley.

This Quest is a part of bringing Belle and Beast to the village.

Additionally, the Quest is accessible once you’ve put in a lot of hours worth of effort.

So, the Quest is comparatively more complex than other quests in the game.

Some of the activities that you need to complete in the Quest are:

  1. Crafting a Journal for Belle
  2. Talking to the Beast
  3. Finding the pieces of a broken key
  4. Asking for a feather

These are just some of the many activities you must complete in the Prince in Disguise Quest.

How To Complete The Ask A Villager Quest?

Ask a Villager is a part of the Prince in Disguise Quest assigned by the Beast.

The Beast is looking to apologize to Belle by gifting her a journal.

You, the player, must make the Journal in a book crafting station.

To prepare the Journal, you will need the following:

  • Twenty fiber
  • Three Purple Falling Penstemon
  • One Empty Vial
  • One Scrooge McDuck’s Feather

Here are the steps to complete the Prince in Disguise quest:

  1. Firstly, go to the plaza to find Scrooge McDuck.
ask a villager for a feather dreamlight alley the plaza
Scrooge McDuck is inside the Plaza area.
  1. Then, interact with him.
interact with the villager for the feather dreamlight valley
You must ask Scrooge McDuck, the villager, for a feather.
  1. He will be pretty friendly and willing to provide you with his feather.
get the feather
Scrooge McDuck provides you with one of his special feathers.
  1. You can provide him with coins in exchange, or he will also provide the feather for free.
the feather dreamlight valley ask a villager
The feather is a token of love by Scrooge McDuck and can be perfect for arts and crafts.

And that is it: straightforward ways to finish the Ask a Villager for feather duty.

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Other Steps Of The Prince In Disguise Quest

The Prince in Disguise quest is much more than the Ask a Villager for Feathers quest.

Players have found it to be the most confusing puzzle of all.

Here is a step-by-step process to complete the Prince in Disguise Quest:

1. Interact With Beast

Talk to the Beast to start the prince in disguise quest.

Here, he explains about the gift he wants to give Belle to apologize.

2. Find All The Pieces Of The Key

Then, find three pieces of the key to the mirrored chest.

The pieces of keys and their clues are:

  • Hidden in a hot place
  • Hidden in a place where silence roars
  • Hidden in a thorny place

The first is the fireplace; you must pour some water on the fireplace to find the first part of the key.

Second is the statute near the library, so break the lion statute to find another part of the key.

Finally, the third is the garden, so use a shovel to find the last part of the key.

3. Unlock The Mirror Chest

Then, give all three parts of the key to the Beast.

He will give you one whole key from the broken pieces.

That key can be used to open the mirror chest in the room.

The chest contains an Enchanted Mirror, which you must give to the Beast.

In the mirror, you can see Belle surrounded by many papers.

4. Ask A Villager For A Feather

The reflection in the mirror gives the Beast the idea to gift Belle a journal.

So, go to Scrooge McDuck to ask for a feather.

5. Craft A Book Kit

After collecting all the necessary items, craft Belle’s Journal in the book crafting station.

Then, provide Beast with the Journal you crafted.

craft a book for belle
The Crafting station to craft a book for Belle.

6. Search The Beast’s Room And Listen To The Apology

Then, search Beasts’s room for Beast’s Brush, Princely Cologne and Princely Shampoo.

Beast apologizes for their fight earlier with Belle in the garden.

Listen to the Beast’s Apology and interact with Belle.

7. Place Beast’s Castle In Dreamlight Valley

Now, go back to the village and place the Beast’s Castle in the village.

Now, after finishing up the construction, welcome Belle.

8. Welcome Belle To Dreamlight Valley

Belle will happily be present in the village.

But Belle requests you to provide Beast a note as he is unsure of coming to the village.

9. Welcome Beast To Dreamlight Valley

Go back to Beast’s Castle and provide him with the note.

Give him some reassurance and welcome him to the village as well.

Finally, the Prince in Disguise quest will be completed.

Therefore, you can unlock Belle and Beast‘s characters in your village.

The Bottom Line

The Prince in Disguise is one of the most confusing quests of Dreamlight Valley.

It is because of the confusing puzzles present in the Quest, and asking a villager for a feather is one of the duties of the Quest.

Scrooge McDuck provides a feather from which you can craft a book or a journal.

The Journal is given to Belle by the Beast as an apology gift.

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