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The Best Deal Maker Of Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is the latest simulation game developed by Disney.

It consists of quests, missions, battles and Star paths, which makes the game much more interesting.

Dealmaker is a character who you’ll encounter in one of the Star paths.

Ursula, the sea witch is the best deal maker of Dreamlight Valley. You can trade crops, furniture, minerals and many more for the best prices with her. Interacting with her is also one of the duties of the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

Come along as we explore the details of the haunted Star path and the best deal maker of Dreamlight Valley.

What Are Star Paths In Dreamlight Valley?

Star Paths are similar to Battle Pass of a season that lets players complete various missions.

Players can earn exclusive items like clothing, furniture, companions, etc.

There are two types of Star paths: Standard Star Path and Premium Star Path.

  1. Standard Star Path: The Standard Star Path provides three slots of duties. It is accessible to everyone who purchases the Founder’s Pack edition of the game.
  2. Premium Star Path: The premium Star path provides six slots of duties. It is unlocked with Moonstones, which is earned by opening chests throughout the valley. Moonstone also helps the players to skip missions in Dreamlight Valley.

Some Star paths of Dreamlight Valley include:

  • Festive Star Path
  • Disney Parks Star Path
  • Villains’ Star Path
  • Centennial Star Path
  • Wonder of Pixar Star Path
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Details Of The Haunted Holiday Star Path

The Haunted Holiday Star Path is a Halloween-themed Star path that ends on November 1, 2023.

Therefore, complete the duties of the Star path before the time runs out to gain these valuable rewards.

Haunted Holiday Star Path best deal maker dreamlight valley
The Haunted Holiday Star Path is the newest season mission of Dreamlight Valley

Additionally, players can earn the Nightmare Before Christmas Lollipop Tokens.

You can also exchange these lollipop tokens for prizes in Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, you can earn furniture items like won pipe organ inspired by the Haunted Mansion and exclusive paintings.

These furniture items can be used to spice up the details of your village.

As mentioned before, the Haunted Holiday Star Path also has a standard and a premium edition.

Haunted Holiday Details best deal maker dreamlight valley
The Haunted Holiday Star Path has both standard and premium editions

The standard and premium edition allow you to work on three and six duties simultaneously.

Along with duty slots, the premium edition also unlocks premium rewards.

Haunted Holiday Premium Rewards
Some of the rewards cannot be unlocked unless you play the premium edition

These premium rewards cannot be unlocked unless you play the premium edition.

The premium edition of the Haunted Star Path is unlocked by 2,500 Moonstone points.

Haunted Holiday Premium
The prices for the Haunted Holiday Premium Edition

You also have a choice to pay 3,300 Moonstone points for a premium edition and 100 Lollipop points.

Who Is The Best Dealmaker In Dreamlight Valley?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley villager’s best dealmaker is a character, a sea witch, Ursula.

You can find her in the mysterious water area of the game.

As her name suggests, she is popular for her deal-making skills.

You can sell her your harvested crops to earn money like pumpkin, carrot, potato, cucumber, tomato, and so on.

In addition, you can also sell items such as furniture, fish, minerals and many more.

Also, selling her crops in bulk can make her give you the best deals so you can earn more profit.

Chat with the villager’s best dealmaker” is one of the duties of the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

You must interact with Ursula two times to complete this duty. Completing this duty will reward you with 20 lollipop tokes.

So, complete this duty and claim your reward today!

Other Tasks In The Haunted Holiday Star Path

You can complete many other tasks in the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

As soon as you complete one duty, you will get another one.

Some of the other tasks in the Haunted Holiday Star Path are:

  1. “Uproot” the Forgetting: Clear 30 Night Thorns from the village.
  2. Break some rocks: Break 15 rocks in the village.
  3. Complete Dreamlight Duties: Complete 10 Dreamlight duties.
  4. Spend time with some classic friends: Spend 15 minutes with classic Disney friends like Mickey Mouse.
  5. It’s better to give a favorite gift than to receive: Give three favorite items of the day to any villager.
  6. Build Stuff: Build five items at a crafting station.
  7. Do Goofy’s favorite pastime: Catch 20 fish from anywhere around the valley.
  8. Pick the fruits that put Snow White to sleep: Pick 50 apples.

These are some of the tasks of the Star path out of more than 50.

Therefore, complete as many as possible before the Star Path mission ends on 1st November.

The Bottom Line

The best dealmaker in Dreamlight Valley is a sea witch, Ursula.

She can give you the best prices for crops, fish, furniture, minerals, etc.

Additionally, you must interact with her two times to complete one duty.

Therefore, explore the world of Dreamlight Valley and trade with her at the best prices.

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