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How To Obtain Basket Full Of Equipment In BG3?

The basket full of equipment is one of the exciting features of Baldur’s Gate 3.

It will provide players with a higher number of items and inventories. 

Players can download the Basket Full of Equipment mod through Nexus mods websites. It comprises weapons, armories, spells and hundreds of other exclusive items. 

Continue reading to discover how to get a basket full of equipment and know its items.

What Is A Basket Full Of Equipment?

A basket full of equipment is an external mod of Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Players can install it to obtain weapons, spells, armor and dyes.

Players who want their character to be well-dressed can get an armor slot, boots slot or Helmet slot.

Human Class in Baldur's Gate 3
Jesus-like customization for the Human Class in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players can get hundreds of items and equip in their player’s characters.

However, the item may not have the best usage for all the classes as there are more than twelve of them.

Many mods have prioritized humancentric classes, including Human, Elf, Tiefling and Drow.

However, players can still equip those items, but it may not showcase the best usage.

Moreover, there can be huge differences between feminine and masculine characters.

Players can get the Basket Full of mods externally using the Nexus Mods site.

Nexus mods are the best choice if players are willing to get mods for games.

It allows users to download and upload mods of any game, including Baldur’s Gate 3.

Getting Basket Full Of Equipment In BG3

If Players are willing to obtain exclusive items for free in BG3, follow the given steps;

1. Visit The Nexus Mods Site

As Nexus mods offer multiple mods for other games, be sure to visit the basket full of equipment mods.

Nexus Mods
Basket full of equipment of Nexus Mods.

In the SFW version, the Nexus mods allow users to extract more than 700 items.

Players can go through the site and see the description before installing.

Further, players can explore the bugs, see wardrobes’ images and videos, and discover the spells.

2. Download Mod Manager 

If players have seen all the descriptions, they must scroll down and search for the file section.

Make sure to click the File and click both options.

Download Mod Manager and Click Manual Download.

3. Create An Account

After clicking the download options, users should fill in their credentials.

Further, they should agree on the terms and conditions to create a new account for Nexus mods.

basket full of equipment bg3
Create a Nexus mods account.

4. Download Option

Players can opt for either a slow or fast download while installing a basket full of equipment.

The total file capacity crosses more than 500 MB, which is not obtainable for free.

Players can get the paid version to obtain all of the 700 items.

Nonetheless, players can also opt for the free version to get 3 MB of free items.

Moreover, players can also preview the file before downloading. 

basket full of equipment bg3
Select any of the given options.

5. Installing BG3 Mod Manager

After downloading the mod manager, players should install the file.

Further, players should use the Import Mod… File.

In addition, make sure to activate the mod and save the file to access the basket full of equipment feature.

Is Nexus Mod Safe To Get Basket Full Of Equipment?

The game mods are considered safe from official or trusted sources.

Furthermore, if players download the basket of equipment, it is a safe source.

However, it might not be the safest option for players using the Engine with a protective, secure plug.

Also, Some anti-cheat applications on user’s devices can scan and detect your device as a threat. 

Extracting Basket Full Of Equipment In BG3

Players can extract the basket full of Equipment from multiple locations after seeking Nexus Mods installation.

Players will get the first basket on the higher platform in Mind Flayers ship location.

Further, if players explore the ravaged beach location, they will find another basket of equipment.

basket full of equipment bg3
Basket Full of Equipment in Ravaged Beach.

Players also only get a Conjure Amulet basket from his mod.

They can be found inside the Mind Flayer’s chest or be extracted from the Mercant of Druid’s Grove.

The Bottom Line

Basket Full Of Equipment mod offers players a variety of unobtainable wardrobes in-game. 

It also includes rare items such as a brown Blacksmith belt, dark mace, and longbow.

Moreover, it also has spells including false education and freezing magic spells. 

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