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How To Get An Axe In Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a survival RPG game that is filled with dangers and exploration which requires tools like Axe for farming and hunting.

Moreover, an axe is an essential tool for players, which can be used to chop down trees and fight enemies in Enshrouded.

Furthermore, there are two ways to get an axe in Enshrouded which are crafting and looting from chests or enemies.

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Different Types Of Enshrouded Axes 

An axe is a type of melee weapon that deals cutting damage, which is effective against enemies with low physical resistance.

Axes can also be used to chop down trees and bushes, which provide wood and other materials for crafting and building.

Chop down tree
Chopping down trees using an Axe.

However, there are different types of axes in Enshrouded, each with its power, damage type, and special effects.

Some of the axes are:

1. Fenrig’s Axe

Fenrig’s Axe is a unique weapon that drops from the cave south of Fenrig’s farm.

The farm is located on the northwest side of the Springlands.

Moreover, it has a power of 11 and deals cutting and fire damage.

2. Tainted Axe

The tainted axe is a one-handed axe that drops in epic quality.

Moreover, you can obtain this item by opening Silver Chests or defeating Boss Enemies in the Springlands.

Also, it has a power of 13 and deals cutting damage.

3. Executioner’s Axe

Executioner’s Axe is a two-handed weapon that can deal 16-power damage.

Similarly, it is accessible in the early game chests.

4. Jezmina’s Apotheosis

Jezmina’s Apotheosis is a legendary axe that can be used with one hand and provides both cutting and fire damage effects.

In Nomad Highlands’ Pillars of Creation POI, defeating Vukah will give you this item.

Furthermore, it can deal 34 power damage.

5. Wolf’s Claw

Wolf’s Claw is a single-handed axe that can be found in the silver chests located in Revelwood POI.

Likewise, it has a power of 29 and deals cutting damage.

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Steps To Get Axe In Enshrouded

There are two main ways to get an axe in Enshrouded: crafting and looting.

Crafting requires you to have the necessary materials and recipes, which can be obtained from various places in the game.

Looting requires you to explore the world and find chests, bosses, and other hidden locations that may contain axes.

Furthermore, to craft a basic axe, you need to collect the materials and craft it.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Collect Twigs And Plant Fiber

You can find these materials by exploring the wilderness and picking up the small branches on the ground.

Moreover, you need 4 twigs and 1 plant fiber to craft a string, which is needed for the axe.

Collect twigs and plant fiber
Collect twigs and plant fiber from small branches.

2. Collect Stone

You can find stones by mining the rocks with your bare hands or with a pickaxe.

Likewise, you need 1 stone to craft the axe head, which is needed for the axe.

Collect stone
Collect stone with your bare hand.

3. Craft String

You can craft a string by using 3 plant fibers at the Crafting menu under the Resources option.

Similarly, you need 1 string to craft the axe handle, which is needed for the axe.

Craft string
Craft string in the Crafting menu.

4. Craft An Axe

You can craft an axe by combining 4 twigs, 1 stone, and 1 string at the Crafting menu under the Survival option.

Furthermore, you can also craft other items and weapons on the Survival option.

Craft an axe
Craft an axe in the Crafting menu.

What Are The Uses Of An Axe In Enshrouded?

An axe is a very useful tool and weapon in Enshrouded that can help you with various tasks and challenges.

Some of the uses of an axe are:

1. Chopping Down Trees

You can use an axe to chop down trees faster and get more wood, which is needed for crafting and building.

Similarly, you can chop down trees faster than other weapons which is very efficient.

2. Breaking Down Objects

You can use an axe to break down objects like crates, barrels, fences, and doors.

Likewise, this can help you find loot, access new areas, or create shortcuts.

3. Fighting Enemies

You can use an axe to fight enemies like zombies, monsters, and bosses.

Moreover, this can help you defend yourself, clear vaults, and complete quests.

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