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Ready Or Not: Explore Ends Of The Earth Quest

In Ready Or Not, players have to embark on one of the challenging quests, “Ends of the Earth”.

Similarly, players are advised to hunt down the Tran Brothers, who are the prime suspect in the weapon modification ring.

In Ready Or Not, players must navigate to the North Hills car dealership to begin their ends-of-the-earth quest. Similarly, players should perform their investigation in that area and confront the primary suspect without resorting to violent confrontation.

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Ends Of The Earth: An Overview Of The Quest

In Ready or Not, players can enjoy their role as a Swat Force and perform several quests related to demolishing terrorism.

Like other quests, Ends of the Earth serves as a task where players have to investigate a certain group targeting a weapon modification.

In the town of Away Beach, Tran’s brother has become the prime suspect in the mission.

Law enforcement pursues an arrest warrant to the Tran Brothers for their involvement in criminal underworld activity.

ends of the earth ready or not
An Overview of Ends Of The Earth Quest.

Players must travel to the North Hills car dealership to disclose the reality that the Tran brothers didn’t have any criminal history.

Moreover, their mother is diagnosed with stage four cancer, which requires extreme funds for treatment.

So for the sake of collecting the money for treatment, they might be involved in this criminal activity.

Thus, players must imply the strategic move during the Ends of the Earth quest, as it involves a tragic intersection of desperation, family sacrifice, and unexpected consequences.

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Step By Step Guide To The Ends Of The Earth Quest

Players must follow certain steps to secure success in the Ends Of The Earth Quest.

Here are the details of each phase to pursue the quest with ease:

1. Heading Into The Danger Zone

Players have to travel to the North Hills car dealership suspected to be place for weapon modification ring.

Similarly, players have to locate the Tran brothers for influx of illegal items within their car dealership.

Besides, players have to be careful while exploring the building as they are performing weapon modification.

2. Complicated Issues And Ethical Dilemmas

After players enter the North Hills car dealership, players spot the brothers have been modifying the weapons.

Ends of the earth quest
A player has spotted the Tran Brother’s Mother.

Likewise, players get to find that the seemingly innocent shop is a hub for illegal activities.

However, the players would have ethical dilemmas when they learn they are doing it for treating their mother.

Therefore, players should only incapacitate the brothers without involving their parents in the scene.

3. Operation Endgame

Players should have strategic planning before operating this operation, as they should not resort to violent confrontation.

Similarly, players should only take small teams to enter the building in Ready Or Not.

Moreover, players have to position two additional teams on standby before invading the area.

The Brothers are expected to be armed, so players must not resort to violence.

Finally, players should enter the building and catch the Tran Brothers off guard.

The Bottom Line

In Ready or Not, players have to confront the Tran Brothers to dismantle their weapon modification ring.

In conclusion, players have to embark on the North Hill Car Dealership and follow the necessary precautions to apprehend the Tran Brothers.

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