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How Often Can You Get Dragon Parts In Tears of the Kingdom?

In the Tears of the Kingdom, you can get dragon parts to unlock new levels of power and progression.

These parts enhance the player’s abilities and advance their journey throughout the game.

Dragon parts in TotK can be obtained by defeating dragons, but players can only acquire each part once. After obtaining a dragon part, players must wait for the dragon’s resources to refresh.

Continue reading to learn about dragon parts and how often you can get them.

How Often Can You Get Dragon Parts In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Dragon parts are a rare commodity in Tears of the Kingdom.

Harvesting them is only possible from the giant dragons that inhabit the area around the kingdom.

A player can only get a dragon part once and must wait ten minutes in real time for the dragon’s resources to refresh.

Moreover, the game has four dragons – Farosh, Dinraal, Naydra, and an unnamed dragon.

Each dragon has a unique flight path and can give you up to five parts depending on the specific body part struck.

Players can fuse these parts with equipment or cooked dishes to enhance their abilities and secure victory.

Although the dragons are not hostile, they will defend themselves by creating elemental orbs around them.

These orbs can harm you if you get too close.

dragon in the Tears of The Kingdom
A dragon in the Tears of The Kingdom.

What Are The Different Types Of Dragons Parts?

There are three main types of dragon parts: Scales, Fangs, and Claws.

Each of these parts has its unique properties and uses within the game.

1. Dragons Part: Scales 

It is one of the most commonly obtained dragon parts.

Due to their defensive properties, it holds significant value in crafting armor and shields.

You can utilize them to create powerful gear that will grant you an edge in combat.

To obtain a dragon scale, you must successfully target and attack the dragon during the encounter. 

As you engage in combat, focus on hitting specific weak points or vulnerable areas of the dragon, which may vary depending on the specific dragon encountered.

Once the dragon is defeated, it may drop a scale as loot.

2. Dragons Part: Fangs 

It plays a crucial role in crafting formidable weapons with enhanced attack power.

The sharp and deadly nature of dragon fangs makes them an ideal component for crafting offensive-oriented weapons.

During the encounter with a dragon, you must focus on targeting the dragon’s head or mouth area to obtain a fang.

Upon successfully defeating the dragon, there is a chance that it will drop one or more fangs as loot.

3. Dragons Part: Claws 

They are used for various purposes, from crafting jewelry to creating potions.

They are one of the most versatile types of dragon parts and are always in high demand.

You can obtain a claw by targeting the limbs of a dragon, especially the Claws.

You can obtain even the rarest dragon parts with little effort and know-how.

Moreover, you can use them to become a true master of the game.

How To Find Dragon Parts In Tears Of The Kingdom?

You can find dragon parts scattered throughout various parts of the game world.

Here are some places where you can find dragon parts.

  • Defeating Dragons: One of the most reliable ways to obtain dragon parts is by defeating dragons in combat. You can obtain one or more dragon parts when you defeat a dragon. It entirely depends on the type of dragon you defeat.
  • Completing Quests/Challenges: Besides defeating dragons in combat, players can also obtain dragon parts as rewards for completing in-game quests and challenges. These rewards are typically rare and highly sought after.
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The Bottom Line

The dragon parts in Tears of the Kingdom game are one of the game’s most valuable and essential items.

Although it is scarce to obtain dragon parts, it has high benefits once you get them. 

You can use the dragon parts in cooking recipes or fuse them with various weapons.

Doing either one will lead to an increase in effectiveness and attack power.

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