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Banshee Scream In Phasmophobia: A Terrifying Sound

The Banshee scream in Phasmophobia is a unique shrieking noise that players can hear when the Banshee is in their vicinity. 

However, it is more prominent if the Banshee comes closer to the prey rather than just coming across it in the game. 

The Banshee scream in Phasmophobia is a shrieking noise that allows players to know the location of the Banshee. However, it also signifies its arrival near the prey. Thus, the Scream is a weakness of the Banshee and a reminder for the prey.

This article discusses the Banshee and the banshee scream in Phasmophobia.

What Is The Banshee In Phasmophobia? 

The Banshee is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia.

Players can discern between a ghost and a banshee by the screeching sound that the banshees make. 

Also, during the playthrough of any run in Phasmophobia, Banshees will only target one specific player. 

However, the Banshee does not attack the player until their sanity meter falls below 50%

Likewise, players can know that a banshee is approaching them from their distinct screech. 

The players can hear the screech from the Parabolic Microphone

Furthermore, the Banshee has a higher chance of performing the singing ghost events than other types. 

However, certain prerequisites must be met before the Banshee performs any events. The prerequisites are: 

  • The ghost event is a singing event. 
  • The ghost event is targeted towards the hunt target. 
  • The hunt target makes the Banshee disappear prematurely by going near it. 

Furthermore, if the hunt target comes across a banshee, instead of losing 10% of sanity, they will lose 15% of sanity. 

Thus making it even easier for the ghosts and the Banshee to target the player. 

you can hear the Banshee screaming
The player can hear the Banshee screaming.

The target for Banshee is random, similar to other ghosts. However, it targets the players nearby. 

Thus, players may find themselves as the target randomly. Additionally, Banshee targets players with the lowest sanity. 

It does not care about the total sanity level of the entire party.

Consequently, if you are playing Phasmophobia, there are two things you must pay great attention to against Banshees. 

  • The first is Banshees weaken their target before striking.
  • Second, you can hear the Banshee screaming with a parabolic microphone.
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The Banshee Screams in Phasmophobia

The Banshee scream in Phasmophobia is a new sound that the Banshee produces. 

However, the Scream was already in the game by 2022, so the chances of it occurring were quite low. 

But, in the current game versions, the banshee scream occurs much more frequently. 

Furthermore, the Scream is a weakness of the Banshee because it screams toward the players before it shows itself. 

Additionally, some players claim that the Scream lowers the sanity of the players.

However, it lowers by the standard 10% rather than 15%. 

Banshee screams toward the players
Banshee screams toward the players before it shows itself.

During your playthrough, you can hear the Banshee screaming naturally rather than through the microphone. 

Furthermore, in the slim chance that the target is out of the building, the Banshee will find another player and stare at them. 

If the target is out of the game, the Banshee will choose another player as the target and hunt them instead.

However, this is a quick reminder: there is a chance to produce the Scream rather than the Banshee screaming whenever it comes close to you. 

Thus, you may want to look into other evidence such as fingerprints, ghost orbs and DOTS spotlight. 

Furthermore, some players claim that the previous shrieking noise was much better than the current screaming noise from the Banshee. 

Additionally, if you are playing solo, you may want to look at the aforementioned evidence rather than wait for the screaming sound.

The Bottom Line

The Banshee is a ghost within the world of Phasmophobia. It can produce various noises to hint at its arrival in the area. 

However, the most distinct noise a player can hear is the screaming noise from the Banshee. 

Furthermore, this allows players to decipher ways to fight against it or simply leave the prey to the Banshee. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the screaming noise of the Banshee in Phasmophobia. 

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