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Redshift: The Coral Weapon In Armored Core 6

Redshift in AC6 resembles a coral reef that slashes enemies with its sharp blades or fire energy blasts from its tips.

The Coral weapon can only be unlocked in the second New Game Plus mode.

To get Redshift in Armored Core 6, complete the main story twice and start a second New Game Plus. Then, you must defeat the Analysis Arena Enemy D3: Classified Subject, a secret and powerful mech resembling a coral reef.

In this article, we will explain what the Redshift is, how to get and how to use it effectively.

What Is Redshift In Armored Core 6?

In Armored Core 6, Redshift is a type of Coral Oscillator weapon.

The Coral Oscillator weapon is a device that uses the energy of the Coral.

Further, Redshift is a blade-like device; it emits a powerful laser beam when activated.

Players can attach it to the left arm of their AC and use it for close-range combat.

It is a variant of the Moonlight blade. However, it has higher attack power than Moonlight.

Additionally, it consumes more energy and has a shorter range.

Contrarily, it is one of the most potent weapons and requires practical skill and strategy.

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How To Get Redshift In Armored Core 6?

Getting the Redshift in AC6 is not easy; here are the steps for your guidance:

1. Complete Main Story

Complete the main story of Armored Core 6 and start a New Game Plus.

It will keep your progress and equipment from your previous playthrough.

Additionally, it increases the difficulty and unlocks new content.

2. Perform New Game Plus

Again, complete the New Game Plus and start another New Game Plus.

It increases the difficulty and unlocks more content, including the Analysis Arena.

3. Analysis Arena

You need to access the Analysis Arena from the main menu.

This mode lets you fight against various enemies and test your skills.

4. Select The Enemy

Next, select the Enemy D3: Classified Subject from the list of opponents.

This secret enemy only appears in the second New Game Plus.

It is also a powerful and mysterious mech resembling a coral reef.

5. Defeat The Enemy

Finally, defeat the Enemy D3: Classified Subject in battle.

However, it requires a lot of skill and strategy as it has high defense, mobility, and firepower.

Further, it uses various attacks, such as lasers, missiles, mines, and projectiles.

6. Coral Oscillator

After defeating the Enemy D3: Classified Subject, you will receive the Coral Oscillator: IA-C01W7: ML-Redshift as a reward.

This melee weapon can also shoot projectiles with a wide area of effect and high damage output.

Redshift ac6
Redshift is a type of Coral Oscillator weapon.

7. Equip The Redshift

Finally, you can equip the Redshift in the Assembly menu.

Moreover, players can use it in any mission or mode they wish. 

How To Use Redshift Effectively In Armored Core 6?

Redshift requires some skill and strategy to master.

Here are some tips on how to use Redshift effectively in combat:

1. Switch The Modes

Redshift is a melee weapon that can also shoot projectiles.

You can switch between these modes by pressing the R2 button on your controller.

The melee mode can deal massive damage to enemies in close range.

However, the projectile mode can hit enemies from afar and has a homing feature.

2. OS Tuning Upgrades

Redshift consumes a lot of energy and needs to manage the energy gauge wisely.

Therefore, you can use the OS Tuning Upgrades. 

It increases energy capacity and regeneration, as well as reduces the energy consumption of Redshift.

Moreover, you can equip the parts that boost your energy stats.

For instance, the E-Generator: EG-01: Epsilon or the E-Booster: EB-01: Delta.

3. Adapt Your Tactics

Redshift is effective against most types of enemies, but it has some drawbacks.

It would be best if you adapted your tactics depending on the enemy you are facing.

For example, you can use the projectile mode to lure out enemies from cover or distract them.

And then, switch to melee mode to finish them off with a powerful slash.

4. Weather Control System

Redshift has a reduced performance in cold or wet areas, such as the Ice Worm boss fight.

You can use the Weather Control System to change the weather to your advantage.

Additionally, you can equip parts that resist cold or water damage.

For instance, the Armor: AR-01: Gamma or the Radiator: RD-01: Sigma.

5. Combine With Other Weapons

In AC6, Redshift rewards creativity and experimentation.

Therefore, you can combine it with other weapons and parts to create your unique combat style.

For example, you can equip a sniper rifle or a missile launcher to complement Redshift’s melee and projectile modes.

Moreover, you can equip the mobility or stealth-enhancing parts, such as the Leg: LG-01: Alpha or the ECM Device: ECM-01: Omega.

The Bottom Line

Redshift has a wide area of effect and high damage output.

Moreover, it is one of the most versatile and practical weapons in Armored Core 6.

Additionally, it has a unique ability to shoot projectiles that track enemies.

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