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How To Beat Bile Titan In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 is a thrilling cooperative sci-fi shooter game that pits the players against various alien factions in a Galactic War.

Significantly, it is one of the most challenging enemies in the game is the Bile Titan.

It is a monstrous worm-like creature that can spit corrosive bile and crush soldiers with its tentacles.

Continue reading to explore the features and strategies to defeat the Bile Titan in Helldivers 2.

Bile Titan In Helldivers 2

A Bile Titan is one of the new enemies introduced in Helldivers 2, along with the Cyborgs and the Illuminates.

It belongs to the Bugs faction, which is a race of insectoid aliens that swarm and overwhelm the Helldivers.

Significantly, a Bile Titan is a boss-like enemy that appears in some of the liberation missions.

These special missions require the Helldivers to free a planet from enemy control.

A Bile Titan is a giant worm-like creature that burrows underground and emerges to attack the Helldivers.

Generally, its large mouth can spit corrosive bile, damaging the Helldivers and their equipment.

Further, it has four tentacles that can crush or grab the Helldivers and drag them into its mouth.

 Additionally, it has a regenerative ability that allows it to heal its wounds over time.

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How To Defeat A Bile Titan?

Players must use powerful weapons and teamwork to target their weak spots and avoid attacks to defeat a Bile Titan.

1. Powerful Weapons

These weapons can deal high damage, pierce armor, or cause explosions.

Some examples are the Railgun, the EAT-17, the Obliterator, and the Demolisher.

These weapons can be called down stratagems.

Generally, they are special equipment or support options that can be deployed during missions.

use weapons
Use powerful weapons to kill Bile Titan.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is essential to overcome the Bile Titan, as it is a very tough and resilient enemy.

However, players need to communicate with each other and share ammo and health packs.

Further, they must revive fallen comrades and coordinate their stratagems and fire.

3. Weak Spots

Weak spots are the parts of the Bile Titan that are more vulnerable to damage.

The weak spots of a Bile Titan are its mouth and its tentacles.

Thus, shooting at these parts will cause more damage and eventually kill the Bile Titan.

4. Attacks

Attacks are the ways that the Bile Titan can harm the players.

The Bile Titan has two main attacks: spitting corrosive bile and crushing or grabbing with its tentacles.

Significantly, the bile can damage the players and their equipment.

While the tentacles can kill the players instantly or drag them into the Bile Titan’s mouth.

Thus, players must dodge these attacks by moving, jumping, or using cover.

bile titan
The tentacles can drag the players into the Bile Titan’s mouth.

What Can You Do After Deating Bile Titan?

Once defeating the Bile Titan, the Helldivers can capture the planet and progress in the campaign.

1. Capturing The Planet

It means completing the liberation mission where the Helldivers free a planet from enemy control.

Thus, capturing a planet will reward the players with influence points.

Significantly, they are used to measure the Helldivers’ contribution to the war effort.

2. Progressing In The Campaign

It means advancing the Galactic War, which is the overarching conflict between Super Earth and its enemies.

Generally, the Galactic War is divided into sectors, which are galaxy regions containing multiple planets.

The Helldivers must capture all the planets in a sector to unlock the next one until they reach the enemy’s homeworld.

Contrarily, the homeworld is the final sector, where Helldivers must complete a series of hardcore missions to end the war.

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