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Should You Trust Kithrak Voss In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Kith’rak Voss is a significant non-playable character (NPC) in the video game Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players can encounter him in Act 1 of the game at the Mountain Pass area known as The Risen Road.

Whether to trust Kith’rak Voss in BG3 depends on your assessment of his motives and choices in the game’s intricate narrative. He may be hostile or friendly, helpful or harmful, trustworthy or deceitful.

In this article, we will discuss who Kith’rak Voss is in BG3, where to find him and if you should trust him.

Who Is Kithrak Voss In BG3?

Kith’rak Voss is a Githyanki warrior and leader who plays a significant role in the game’s narrative in BG3.

He is instrumental in the quest to release Orpheus from his prison in the Astral Prism.

The Voss also confronted the Lich Queen Vlaakith, the leader of the Githyanki Empire.

Kith'rak Voss is a Githyanki warrior
Kith’rak Voss is vital in freeing Orpheus and fighting Lich Queen Vlaakith.

Moreover, he assists the player’s party in their quest to release Orpheus, a Githyanki prince imprisoned in the Astral Prism.

The Astral Prism is a powerful magical construct that entraps the prince.

Additionally, the release of Orpheus is crucial for challenging the rule of the Lich Queen Vlaakith.

Should You Trust Kith’rak Voss In BG3?

Whether or not you should trust Kith’rak Voss is a decision that depends on the choices the narratives you make and understand.

Kith’rak Voss is a Githyanki warrior and leader who assists the player’s party in freeing the imprisoned Githyanki Prince from the Astral Prism.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to trust Kith’rak Voss:

1. Motivations

Kith’rak Voss’s motivations might align with your goals as he seeks to free Orpheus and challenge the oppressive rule of Vlaakith.

Moreover, he claims to be against the Lich Queen’s regime and will work with you to achieve these ends.

2. Background And Culture

Githyanki society has its complexities and divisions.

While Kith’rak Voss may be an ally, it’s important to know that Githyanki has an agenda and politics that could influence his actions.

3. Choices And Consequences

Your interactions with Kith’rak Voss and your choices during the quest line will determine the outcome of your alliance.

Likewise, pay close attention to your dialogue and decisions, as they can shape the story’s direction.

4. Alternative Paths

It’s worth noting that there are alternative paths and options in the game.

Depending on your decisions, you might choose to align with other factions, make different alliances, or even confront Kith’rak Voss if you have reason to distrust him.

5. Multiple Playthroughs

Baldur’s Gate 3 encourages multiple playthroughs to explore different narrative paths.

Moreover, you might trust Kith’rak Voss in one playthrough and take a different approach in another to see how the story unfolds.

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Where To Find Kithrak Voss In BG3?

In “Baldur’s Gate 3,” you can find Kith’rak Voss during Act 3 of the game.

He becomes a significant character in the “Help Kith’rak Voss” questline. Here’s where you can find him:

1. Location

Kith’rak Voss can be found in Baldur’s Gate, specifically in the area known as the Sharess’ Caress.

This location is within the city and is a part of the Undercity, beneath the streets of Baldur’s Gate.

trust kithrak voss
You can find Kith’rak Voss in the northwest of the Guild in Undercity.

2. Approaching Kithrak Voss

When you approach the Sharess’ Caress, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Kith’rak Voss.

However, players need to first speak with Raphael in the area.

He is involved in the questline related to the Orphic Hammer and the release of the Githyanki Prince, Orpheus, from the Astral Prism.

3. Interactions

During your conversation with Kith’rak Voss, you’ll have choices that will impact the quest line.

You can decide whether to accept or decline Raphael’s offer, which is part of the broader quest line.

Similarly, your decisions will determine your path and the alliances you form.

How To Complete “Help Kithrak Voss” Questline In BG3?

Here are the steps to complete the “Help Kith’rak Voss” questline in BG3:

  1. Meet Kith’rak Voss: Encounter Kith’rak Voss in Sharess’ Caress during Act 3.
  2. Raphael’s Offer: Decide whether to accept Raphael’s Deal or decline to find an alternative way to acquire the Orphic Hammer.
  3. Secure the Orphic Hammer: If declined, pay Helsik to infiltrate the House of Hope and rescue Hope, acquiring the Orphic Hammer.
  4. Find Kith’rak Voss: Locate Kith’rak Voss in the Undercity near the Guild and worshippers of Bhaal.
  5. Elder Brain and Battle: Confront the Elder Brain or proceed to the climactic battle if Kith’rak Voss is inaccessible.
  6. Free Orpheus and Confront Vlaakith: Collaborate with Kith’rak Voss to liberate Orpheus and challenge Lich Queen Vlaakith.

Other Kithrak Voss Quests

Kith’rak Voss is found in not just the Help Kith’rak Voss quest but a few other events throughout the progress, including:

1. Remove The Parasite 

Remove The Parasite is one of the early-game quests found in Act One of the Season at the Druid’s Grove.

In this quest, players need to find Zorru at the Drove, where one of the companions: Lae’zel will interact with him.

Players need to search for the Githyanki Creche and rescue the Druid Halsin.

Further, players should get Hag’s help, interact with Priestess Gut and locate Nettie.

Lastly, tell Oneluum about the parasite and accept Raphael’s offer.

trust kithrak voss
You can accept the Devil’s offer.

2. The Githyanki Warrior

Players can engage in the quest about the cure of Act 1, where they need Lae’zel as a companion and complete the Ravaged Beach quest.

In the Githyanki warrior event, Lae’zel confronts players about the cure by Zorro, one of the Tieflings.

However, players need to save Lae’zel on the Ravagned beach and defeat other Githyanki warriors in the way.

After progression through when Vlaakith orders players to kill Dream Visitor, ensure to keep her alive.

Moreover, If players are willing to save Orpheus, they should accept Raphael’s offer.

It can help Lze’zel get one of the precious swords from the Voss after stealing the orphic hammer.

The Bottom Line 

In “Baldur’s Gate 3,” Kith’rak Voss emerges as a significant character during Act 3, pivotal to the “Help Kith’rak Voss” questline.

Throughout the quest line, players encounter decisions that determine the course of their interactions with Kith’rak Voss.

As players delve into the questline, they must assess Kith’rak Voss’s intentions, navigate conflicting interests, and weigh the potential outcomes of their decisions.

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