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Learn About Beginner Stash In OSRS

STASH is the secret compartment in the OSRS world which is convenient for storing items for beginners.

This feature is only available to members, meaning free-to-play players cannot access it.

In OSRS, STASH is an acronym for “Store Things And Stuffs Here.” This members-only feature allows players to store specific items in the STASH locations. The beginner stash location can be found within Aris’s tent, Bob’s Brilliant Axes and Iffie Nitter.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about STASH and beginner-level STASH.


STASH is an alternate way to store items in the OSRS world to access them easily.

Additionally, STASH allows players to save their inventory space by providing additional places to store items.

Types of stash
These are all the STASH types in OSRS

Also, players can use four types of STASH units to store items in the game. They are:

  • Bush
  • Create
  • Hole
  • Rocks

Upon STASH construction, players will find an updated version of these props, allowing them to store items.

However, not all players can access this feature as it is only member-exclusive in OSRS.

Additionally, the game has six levels of STASH, with the Beginner Level being the easiest.

Also, players should note that the number of STASH units and items depends on the STASH levels.

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Introduction To Beginner-Level Stash In OSRS

Beginner-level STASH is the first to teach players about this feature introducing levels and items.

Also, players must find a beginner-level STASH unit to turn it into a constructed STASH unit.

Factually, there is only one STASH unit in the beginning level for players STASH: The Bush.

However, there are some additional prerequisites that players must fulfill to make a beginner STASH: They are:

  1. Firstly, players must find all the hidden bush locations in the OSRS world.
  2. Then, they must interact with the bush marked as an ‘inconspicuous object’ to construct into a STASH site.
Insconspicuous object osrs
The Inconspicuous Bush option is displayed for the STASH bush.
  1. Also, players can only use this feature after reaching level 12.
  2. Additionally, players must possess two planks and ten nails for the construction process.
  3. However, all construction processes in the game need two item requirements: The Hammer and The Saw.
  4. Finally, players are ready to construct the beginner-level STASH unit for item storage.

Locations Of Beginner STASH

STASH items are hidden throughout the map, and players must find them to interact with them.

Also, the number of STASH units increases according to the player levels in the OSRS world.

However, players will only find three stash units for the beginner STASH level as it is the first.

Therefore, players must know these locations to avoid the lengthy scavenging process around the map.

Here are all the location of Beginner STASH locations in the game:

  • First, players must head to Aris’s Tent in Varrock to locate the first bush.
  • Secondly, the second STASH bush can be located in Lumbridge at Bob’s Brilliant Axes.
  • Finally, Iffie Nitter in Varrock (Thessalia’s Fine Clothes) is the location for the final bush.

The Bottom Line

The Beginner-level Stash is the first type of STASH in OSRS that requires fewer resources like coins and planks for its construction.

However, players become very confused regarding this feature as many prerequisites exist.

Therefore, online guidance about this topic can greatly help these players to learn about STASH.

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