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Build For Medium Stash In OSRS

Many players are searching for a way to build Medium Stash Units to store goods in OSRS.

However, they are unable to locate the exact area or identify the items to unlock the Medium Stash.

For the Medium Stash build, players must reach level 42, have ten nails, two oak planks, and two to three unique extraction items, depending on the location in Old School RuneScape.

Continue reading to explore the Medium Stash and the process of building it in OSRS.

OSRS Medium Stash Unit: Overview

Medium Stash is one of the six Stash Units in OSRS whose building approach is similar to others.

Other Units include Beginner, Easy, Master, Hard and Elite Stash, which have different items and level requirements.

Players can find a total of 109 stashes during their game exploration, among which 23 lies of them are Medium Stash.

Moreover, players can build them after reaching level 42, which requires 250 experience points for the build.

medoum stash unit osrs
Search for the medium stash units after reaching level 60.

Players will need a total of 5750 for the complete build and an approximate cost of 150,000 credits.

Like every other Stash, players should have ten nails and a unique plank: Oak Plank for the unit.

Moreover, players must have a saw and a hammer in their inventory for the build.

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Locations Of Medium Stash In OSRS

Here are a few Medium Stash unit locations along with the item clue in OSRS;

1. Center Of Canafis

The Medium Stash unit in Canafis is located in the center; however, completing the Priest in Peril quest is necessary.

Canafis medium stash unit
Search medium stash in Canafis after completing the quest.

Three items are necessary for unlocking the stash: a Green Robe Top, Mithril Platelegs and an Iron 2hand Sword.

2. Mausoleum

Another Stash is in the Mausoleum located in the West of Fenkenstrain’s Castle, accessed in the Creature of  Fenkenstrain quest.

Fenkenstrain's Castle Mausoleum Stash Medium
Head to the West of Fenkenstrain’s Castle.

Players must push the memorial west to the northwest of a.l.q and head to the northern ladder to reach the Mausoleum.

Moreover, the Stash unit requires a Maple Longbow and Mithril Plateskirt.

3. Digsite

Players will find another Medium Stash unit south of the eastern winch in Digsite.

Thankfully, players will only require three items and must not complete any quest, unlike Mausoleum and Central Canafis.

The items that unlock the Rock Hidey Hole are a Green Hat, Snakeskin Boots and an Iron Pickaxe.

4. General Store

One of the 23 Medium Stash units is just outside the Edgeville General Store, north of Evil Dave’s house.

Edgeville General Store
Follow the Marker in the Edgeville.

Players will require a Brown Apron, Leather Boots and Leather Gloves in this Stash.

5. Observatory

Another Stash unit exists in the Observatory, accessible during the Observatory quest.

This agility requires Mithril Chainbody, Green Dragonhide Chaps and Ruby Amulet.

6. Shantay Pass

Shantay Pass’s Al Kharid is another place to find the Medium level stash.

Players will need Bruise Blue Snelm, Staff of Air, and Bronze Square field.

Furthermore, other units exist in areas, including Barbarian Village,  Shantay Pass, and Mount Karullum.

However, the cost of items and item requirements differ from various locations and Stash levels.

The Bottom Line

Getting a Medium Stash unit is relatively easy, but players must build elite and other units to progress through, which can be tricky.

Building all 23 medium stashes requires more than 150,000 credits and 56 unique items.

Among all the medium Stash, Tarverly Stone Circle requires the most expensive items, costing almost 3500 credits.

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