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Exchange Gems For A Machete In OSRS: Jewels To Blades

To exchange gems for a machete in OSRS, Safta Doc plays a vital role.

Moreover, players must gather gems and trading sticks to exchange for a machete.

To exchange gems for a machete in OSRS, you must gather the required items, locate Safta Doc, and complete the fence repair task.

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Machete In OSRS

You can use machetes for several reasons, some of them are:

Woodcutting: You can use machetes for woodcutting in the dense jungles of Karamja.

Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Minigame: In this game, players use it to clear jungle overgrowth to restore the village.

Weapon: You can also use it to wield as weapons and offer a slash attack style. Additionally, they are effective against monsters in Karamja.

Karamja Medium Diary: Obtaining a machete is a task requirement for completing the Karamja Medium Diary.

Access To Kharazi Jungle: It is also necessary to gain access to the Kharazi Jungle. However, it is a hidden region accessible through a hidden tunnel from Shilo Village.

Obtaining A Machete

You can readily purchase machetes from the general stores located on the mainland of Karamja and in Shilo Village.

Players can also acquire machetes through trades with other players directly or through the Grand Exchange (GE).

Moreover, you can also find it in Radimus Ekle’s cupboard in the Legend’s Guild.

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How To Exchange Gems For A Machete In OSRS?

Exchanging gems for a machete in OSRS requires some simple task as follow:

1. Gather The Required Items

Gout Tuber: This rare item has a 1% drop chance from chopping jungle trees (light, medium, or dense). You can also purchase it from the Grand Exchange (GE).

Gems: You’ll need three uncut gems corresponding to the machete you want to obtain.

  • Opal Machete: 3 Opal Gems (cut or uncut)
  • Jade Machete: 3 Jade Gems (cut or uncut)
  • Red Topaz Machete: 3 Red Topaz Gems (cut or uncut)

Trading Sticks: The number of Trading Sticks required depends on the machete you choose:

  • Opal Machete: 300 Trading Sticks
  • Jade Machete: 600 Trading Sticks
  • Red Topaz Machete: 1200 Trading Sticks
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
A table showing Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup.

2. Locate Safta Doc

Go to Tai Bwo Wannai, a village located on the southeastern coast of the Karmaja region.

Within Tai Bwo Wannai village, search for Safta Doc’s house, which is situated in the northern part of the village.

Additionally, it is a small structure with an anvil outside.

Moreover, Safta Doc is a character who exchanges gems for machetes.

exchanges gems for machetes
Safta Doc is a character who exchanges gems for machetes.

3. Complete The Fence Repair Task

You’ll first need to assist in repairing the village fence before you purchase a machete from Safta Doc.

You can find Murcaily near Hardwood Grove in Tai Bwo Wannai; talk to him.

Murcaily will then provide you with some Thatch Spars, which you can use for fence repair.

Afterward, equip a machete and use the Thatch Spars on a damaged section of the village fence.

Return to Murcaily to receive Trading Sticks after repairing a portion of the fence.

4. Exchange Gems For A Machete

Now, return to Tai Bwo Wannai and locate Safta Doc.

Likewise, you can find him near the Calquat tree patch.

Approach and initiate a conversation with him.

Then, select the “What do you do here?” dialogue option.

Safta Doc will now offer the option to purchase a machete.

Choose the type of machete you want: Opal, Jade, or Red Topaz.

Then, hand over the required items: Gout Tuber, Gems, and Trading Sticks to complete the exchange.

Finally, you will have your gem-edged machete after successfully exchanging the items.

The Bottom Line

Some people are having problems while performing this task.

So, remember to check whether you are in a cleanup mode.

If you’ve completed the exchange process and still have issues, double-check your inventory and follow the dialogue carefully.

Therefore, you can seek help from the OSRS community or support channels if problems occur.

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