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Explore The Best Sword In Lego Fortnite

Players with the best sword in Lego Fortnite can gain a significant advantage in the battle.

Equipping yourself with the best sword to survive in the game that suits your playing style is important.

Lego Fortnite has many swords each with unique characters and playstyle. However, players must experiment to find the best sword.

Continue reading more to learn about swords in Lego Fortnite and the best swords among them.

How To Craft Swords In Lego Fortnite?

In Lego Fortnite, swords come in various shapes and sizes, each with a unique design and characteristics.

However, swords are frequently chosen as the weapon of choice by players in Lego Fortnite.

Sword Lego Fortnite
Players must choose the best sword to survive and defeat the enemy in the game.

Moreover, swords in Lego Fortnite are available to be crafted on the crafting bench.

Hence, here is the procedure that players must follow to craft the swords.

1. Create A Crafting Station

Players need a Crafting Bench to get the shortsword, however, players must upgrade it to level two to craft the shortsword in the game.

Craft a shortsword at Crafting Bench.
Craft a shortsword at the Crafting Bench with 5 wooden rods.

2. Build A Lumber Mill

In a Lumber Mill, two recipes will be available i.e. you can create either Planks or Wooden Rods.

However, you’ll need wooden rods to build the shortsword and to create a Lumber Mill it will cost you 8 pieces of wood and 15 granite.

3. Collect Five Wooden Rods

Players need five Wooden Rods from a Lumber Mill to craft a sword in LEGO Fortnite. 

Moreover, you can craft a shortsword now at any Crafting Bench with 5 wooden rods.

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Choose The Best Sword From Different Sword Types

While exploring the world of Lego Fortnite, players may encounter plenty of enemies, if you want to survive in the game you need a sword.

Moreover, Lego Fortnite features 4 different swords, and here are all of them.

1. Common Shortsword 

This shortsword may be small, but it’s strong and will come in handy when fighting against enemies that lurk around every corner.

This handy melee weapon will help players greatly in the battle against the various mobs that spawn at night.

Thus, to craft this sword all you need is a Crafting Bench, Lumber Mill and 5 Wooden Rods.

Moreover, crafting the shortsword helps you get the free Trailblazer Tai skin with damage power 9.

2. Uncommon Longsword

To unlock this Longsword players need an uncommon Crafting Bench and a 5x Knotroot Rod.

It is a solid sword, ideal for melee combat, with a damage power of 5.

3. Rare Longsword

In Lego Fortnite this Sword allows players to strike enemies from a safer distance, reducing the risk of counterattacks.

Players need to collect copper, the Metal Smelter, and the Brightcores to make copper bars to get a Rare Longsword.

Rare Longsword In Lego Fortnite.
Rare Longsword has a damage power of 7.

However, to collect these items, head to the desert in LEGO Fortnite and look for multiple caves.

You need to find 15-20 Brightcores and 3 Blastcores to build the Melter Smelter from various caves there.

Thus, the Brightstone will help you to unlock the Metal Smelter.

Once you have collected every item go back to the base and then you can make the Metal Smelter which allows you to make copper.

However, this sword in Lego Fortnite is pretty strong but players need to collect a lot of resources to unlock it.

4. Epic Longsword

An Epic Longsword is a powerful sword, ideal for melee combat and takes down your greatest enemy.

To craft it, players need to upgrade the Crafting Table to tier three.

Epic Longsword in Lego Fortnite.
You need to collect 12 Iron bars to Craft an Epic Longsword in Lego Fortnite.

You can craft the Epic Pickaxe and use it to mine Iron in the snow caves.

After collecting the Iron, you must turn it into Iron Bars using the Metal Smelter.

Once you pick up the first Iron Bar from the Smelter, the Longsword recipe will unlock and can craft the sword using 12 Iron bars in total.

Thus, this sword in Lego Fortnite has damage power 9, which is the highest among the swords.

Moreover, one of the best Longsword is the Purple Sword in Lego Fortnite. 

The Purple Sword is the best as it has an exceptional class of Epic and a damaged power of 9, which best suits all types of gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Players need five wooden rods to make a basic sword that will deal decent damage to the enemies that you’ll encounter on your travels.

However, it is up to players to choose the swords, considering their preferred playstyle and the type of damage the sword deals.

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