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Bowler Hat Palworld: The Ultimate Simulator

Enter a world of adventure and mystery, where you can befriend and collect over 100 creatures called Pals.

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival and crafting game that lets you explore, fight, build, and farm with your Pals.

A Bowler Hat is a type of headgear that provides +5 defence and +10 charisma. You can obtain a Bowler Hat Schematic by buying it from the Wandering Merchant for 500 Gold, or by looting chests in the world or dungeons.

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The Bowler Hat In Palworld

A Bowler Hat Schematic is a plan or design that shows you how to make a Bowler Hat.

Generally, the hat is round and hard and covers the top of your head.

A Bowler Hat is an Armor (Head) item in Palworld which gives you some benefits when you wear it.

This hat increases your protection from damage and your appeal to others.

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How To Get The Bowler Hat?

You can get a Bowler Hat Schematic from the Wandering Merchant.

The Merchant is a random and rare NPC that sells various items in Palworld.

You must pay him 500 Gold, the game’s currency, to buy the schematic.

Alternatively, you can find a Bowler Hat Schematic by opening chests.

find in the chests
Find a Bowler Hat Schematic by opening chests.

These chests are containers that hold loot, such as items, materials, or gold.

Generally, you can find the chests in different places in the game world.

You can find them in the wilderness or dungeons, challenging areas with enemies and bosses.

Additionally, you can receive it as a quest reward and craft it from component parts.

How To Use A Bowler Hat?

To use a Bowler Hat Schematic, you need to follow these steps:

  1. You must obtain the schematic from the Wandering Merchant or looting chests.
  2. Then, store the schematic in your inventory, which is the space where you keep your items.
  3. Find a Primitive Workbench or a High-Quality Workbench, which are structures that allow you to craft items.
  4. Further, interact with the workbench by pressing a button on your keyboard or controller.
  5. Then, Select the Bowler Hat Schematic from the list of available schematics.
  6. Significantly, provide the required materials, such as wool, leather, and feathers.
  7. You can gather materials from the environment or your Pals.
  8. Click on the craft button to craft the Bowler Hat.
  9. Finally, equip the Bowler Hat by dragging it to your head slot in your character menu.

The Bowler Hat Schematic is not consumed when you craft the item.

Thus, you can use it as many times as you want and also share it with other players on your server.

craft bowler hat
Find a Primitive Workbench or a High-Quality Workbench.

The Bottom Line

The beauty of the Bowler Hat lies in its versatility; it can be a playful addition to a whimsical outfit.

Further, it can be a touch of sophistication for a formal occasion, or even a symbol of rebellion for a Pal with a mischievous streak.

With a little imagination, the Bowler Hat can become the cornerstone of your Pal’s unique style.

Contrarily, it reflects its personality and your bond as a trainer.

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