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How To Use Reroll Calculator For Diablo 4?

Rerolling affixes to make your builds better is a core part of role-playing games.

This system allows players to properly gauge their damage output and their survivability in the world of Sanctuary.

In Diablo 4, players must calculate the outcome of rerolling their affixes for their gear. However, Diablo 4 itself does not provide players with a reroll calculator. A few members of the community have come together to build their own reroll calculator for the players of Diablo 4.

In this article, we will explore more about reroll calculator and how you can use it for Diablo 4.

What Is Reroll Calculator For Diablo 4?

A reroll calculator is a third-party web application to calculate the cost of rerolling items in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, the web application also allows the players to choose their preferred affixes.

This allows the players to calculate the cost and the tier of the affixes that they can obtain from rerolling the gear.

Additionally, the creators of the reroll tool claim that each affix has the same reroll value.

This means that the chance of getting a certain value is not higher than the others in the pool.

However, the tiers that the affixes can roll can vary per affix.

This will cause the reroll cost to fluctuate according to the tier of the affixes that the gear rolls.

How To Use Reroll Calculator For Diablo 4?

The community for Diablo 4 has come together to make various reroll calculators.

However, one of the best websites to use is D4crafter which contains all the affixes that can roll on any given gear.

Furthermore, this calculator allows players to calculate the cost to reroll their gears.

You can follow the steps below to use reroll calculator in Diablo 4;

1. Access The Reroll Website

Players will need to access the reroll website from D4crafter. Here, they will see all the base types of items available in Diablo 4.

2. Choose A Base Type

After the players access the website, they will need to choose a base type. The base types contain their own selection of affixes to choose from.

Choose a base type
Choose a base type to reroll affixes

3. Choose The Affixes

Here, players must choose the affixes they want to roll on their gear.

However, each affix has tiers to them. Thus, the cost value for the gear may change according to the affix tier that the gear rolls.

Choose affixes to reroll
Choose affixes to reroll from the calculator

4. Check The Expected Values

Finally, players will be able to check the expected values for the number of tries that it may take to obtain the affixes that the players desire.

Furthermore, they will also be able to see the expected cost of rolling the affixes.

Expected cost and odds for affixes
Obtain expected cost and odds for the affixes in Diablo 4

Third-party gear enchantment programs are always a great tool for players who want to optimize their builds.

However, some players consider this a fatal flaw for the games.

Since many players believe such tools should already exist within the game itself for the players’ convenience.

Furthermore, players must go to the Occultist in the game to reroll their affixes.

Here is an additional spreadsheet that allows players to look at the percentage and tiers of affixes.

However, other users cannot make changes to the spreadsheet except the creator of the spreadsheet.

The Bottom Line

Affixes are a great way to enhance the gameplay for a player because affixes complimenting the players’ build can boost their damage output by many folds.

However, needing a reroll calculator to determine the probability and the cost of enrolling your affixes can sometimes pose an inconvenience to players.

Hopefully, this article can help you understand your expected reroll values.

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