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Exploring The Mysteries Of Ancient Lair In BG3

The Ancient Lair in BG3(Baldur’s Gate 3) is a crucial location, facing challenges and earning rewards in its immersive fantasy setting.

Players must navigate through the Undercity Ruin, a passage, overcome undead challenges, and break through a stone wall in the Ancient Lair to uncover Mystic Carrion’s Brain.

Continuing reading to discover whether it is recommended for those curious about exploring the mysteries of the Ancient Lair.

What Is Ancient Lair?

An Ancient Lair typically refers to a significant location in BG3 where players can find Mystic Carrion’s Brain.

Players would likely need to overcome challenges, battles, and obstacles to access the brain and progress in the game’s storyline. 

It’s a place that holds significance due to its age, history, and potential for valuable or rare items, encounters, or quests.

How To Reach Ancient Lair In BG3?

Here are the steps to reach the Ancient Lair, where you can find Mystic Carrion’s Brain:

  1. Begin your journey in the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate.
  2. Locate the Lower City Sewers entrance by searching for a visible, accessible passage.
  3. Explore your surroundings to discover the Ancient Sigil Circle by seeking out noticeable markings or visual indicators.
  4. Engage with the Ancient Sigil Circle to trigger the opening of a path leading to the Undercity Ruins.
  5. As you interact with the Ancient Sigil Circle, it will grant you access to a passage leading downward.
  6. Then proceed along the passage guiding you to the Undercity Ruins, where you’ll encounter a waypoint.
  7. Starting at the Undercity Ruins waypoint, turn left to find the distinct Passageway to guide you to the entrance of the Ancient Lair.
  8. Finally, enter the Passageway, leading you into the Ancient Lair and signaling the start of your exploration within the Lair’s depths.
location of the ancient lair
Location of the ancient Lair in Baldur’s Gate 3.
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Exploring The Mysteries Of Ancient Lair

These points capture the main activities and challenges you’ll encounter in the Ancient Lair.

1. Exploring The Lair And Lockpicking

Upon entering the Ancient Lair from the Passageway, take note of the surroundings.

Utilize your Sleight of Hand skill to attempt lockpicking the door embedded in the stone wall (DC 20).

As you work on the lock, observe the presence of deceased humans and a halfling nearby, hinting at the dangers that lie ahead.

2. Engaging Undead Foes And Spell Tactics

After successfully unlocking the door, you’ll trigger an encounter with various undead enemies.

Strategically deploy spells like Glyph of Warding: Fire to deal damage over an area, targeting the undead in range.

Moreover, you can consider using Fireball to cause substantial damage and Sunbeam to exploit vulnerabilities in the undead.

fighting zombies
Players can fight with Zombie in BG3.

3. Surviving With Healing And Collecting Treasure

Keep your party alive amid the battle by casting spells such as Healing Word to restore hit points and maintain your group’s effectiveness.

While navigating the Lair, discover chests containing gold and valuable items scattered throughout.

In addition, be careful because some chests may have traps.

Therefore, move slowly or use your abilities to find out if there are any traps.

4. Navigating Hazards And Decoding Clues

Enhance visibility in the Lair by lighting the brazier.

It allows you to spot potential hazards and explore more effectively.

Then, approach the stone walls carefully to avoid knocking and triggering negative effects.

Additionally, observe the environment closely, decoding visual clues and piecing together hints about the history and purpose of the Lair.

5. Witnessing Necromantic Ritual And Locating The Brain

Progress further into the Lair to witness a Gruesome scene depicting a necromantic ritual.

Spot the brain jar on a sarcophagus at specific coordinates (X 1392, Y 81), marking a significant milestone in your journey.

Moreover, take note of other items in the vicinity, such as potion bottles, funerary jars, and bone saws.

These items contribute to the immersive atmosphere of the Lair.

jar of mystic carrion brain
Jar of mystic carrion brain in BG3.

The Bottom Line

The Ancient Lair is one of the ancient locations where players can find Mystic Carrion’s Brain.

It offers challenges, battles, and valuable rewards while evoking an atmosphere of mystery and danger. 

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