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How To Start Monk Manifestation In BG3?

The Monk Manifestation quest is a questline in BG3 where players are tasked with helping a cursed monk character.

The specific objectives and details of the quest can vary, but the main goal is usually to find a way to lift the curse afflicting the monk.

Players trigger the Monk Manifestation quest by exploring Grymforge and finding a sentient amulet to help a cursed monk.

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What Is Monk Manifestation?

The Monk Manifestation quest involves aiding an afflicted monk’s character by uncovering a solution to remove their curse.

The quest involves triggering it by exploring Grymforge and discovering a sentient amulet that is related to the cursed monk.

The ultimate goal is likely to lift the curse afflicting the monk.

Moreover, it might involve solving puzzles, interacting with NPCs, and exploring the game world.

monk manifestation in bg3
Monk Manifestation Quest in BG3.

How To Start A Monk Manifestation Quest?

Here’s what you can do to start a Monk Manifestation quest:

  1. Progress through the game’s storyline until you reach Act 3.
  2. As you explore, you’ll encounter the Grymforge area, which serves as the trigger location for the Monk Manifestation quest.
  3. Be vigilant for distinct points of interest, characters, or interactive elements that might initiate the quest during your exploration.
  4. Engage in a conversation or interaction that introduces you to the cursed monk’s story and quest objectives.
  5. You’ll probably need to locate and acquire the Sentient Amulet; follow quest markers or dialogue prompts to lead you.
  6. After acquiring the Sentient Amulet, you’ll start a dialogue with the cursed monk’s ghost. Here he will elaborate on his predicament and seek your help.
  7. Within the conversation, you’ll have the choice to agree to aid the cursed monk in finding peace. Here, agreeing will formally commence the Monk Manifestation quest.
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How To Complete Help The Cursed Monk Quest?

To completely help the Cursed Monk quest, follow these steps:

1. Find The Lost Amulet

Start the quest by picking up the Sentient Amulet near the Adamantine Forge in the lava-filled area guarded by a Lava Elemental.

The coordinates are X: -626, Y: 224.

Pass a medium DC Wisdom saving throw to resist the urge to laugh triggered by the amulet’s curse.

2. Interact With The Spirit

After picking up the amulet, the spirit of the cursed monk within it will start talking to you.

Learn about the monk’s story and his desire to be reunited with his granddaughter, Shirra Clarwen.

3. Travel To Wyrm’s Crossing

Proceed through the game’s story until you reach Act 3.

Then, visit the Open Hand Temple at Wyrm’s Crossing.

4. Talk To Sister Yannis

In the Open Hand Temple, find Sister Yannis.

Ask her about Shirra Clarwen to learn that she passed away and is buried in a crypt under the temple.

open hand temple
Open Hand Temple is a location in BG3.

5. Visit Shirra’s Tomb

Locate the tomb where Shirra Clarwen is buried. This is the crypt under the Open Hand Temple.

Furthermore, you’ll need to explore the area and possibly solve puzzles or defeat enemies to reach the tomb.

6. Bring Peace To The Spirit

Once you find Shirra’s tomb, interact with it.

The spirit of the cursed monk will communicate with you again.

Then it reveals that he can pass on if you take on the curse of his madness.

Agree to take on the curse, and the spirit will find peace, allowing him to move on.

7. Quest Completion

After helping the spirit of the cursed monk find peace, the quest Help the Cursed Monk will be marked as completed.

You will receive the reward of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter as an Action at the potential cost of wisdom.

helping the cursed monk
Helping The Cursed Monk in BG3.

The Bottom Line

Embark on the compelling Monk Manifestation quest in BG3.

Navigate a tale of a cursed monk, delving into lore and gameplay.

Lift the curse through exploration, interaction, and uncovering secrets.

Your choices lead to the monk’s redemption, intertwining with the game’s narrative.

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