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Why Is Zhentarim Basement Empty In BG3?

One of the locations you can discover in the Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Zhentarim Hideout.

However, if you visit this place after completing certain quests, you may find it completely empty and deserted.

The primary reason the Zhentarim Basement is empty is due to the possibility that rival factions, adventurers, or law enforcement may have raided or assaulted the Zhentarim base.

You’ve explored a morally justified article; if you are curious about Zhentarim’s basement, how to find it out, and why it is empty, you can continue reading.

What Is Zhentarim’s Hideout?

A Zhentarim’s hideout is a reticent underground cave system used by the Zhentarim organization in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game.

Their hideout substitute as bases for operations, conventions, and hermitages for their members.

The Zhentarim gang members specifically employ it to carry out smuggling operations and unlawful transactions, particularly near a segment of the Risen Road and the Sword Coast.

How To Find Out Zhentarim’s Hideout?

When searching for a location with ample resources in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must devise your own route to the Zhentarim’s hideout.

However, there is no other way to find this hideout except exclusively by coincidence.

Zhentarim hideout spot will certainly not appear on your map, in case you jumble anything with the prerequisites.

These segments will authorize you to not only locate the Zhentarim hideout with deftness.

The Entrance To Zhentarim’s Basement

  1. Heading to Blighted Village fast travel station and then north is the foremost way to arrive at this destination.
blighted village bg3
Players can reach Blighted Village in BG3.
  1. After escaping the route, proceed over the broken bridge to the west, and travel towards the western route again to arrive at the gates of a new village.
Gate of a new village to reach zhentarim basement BG3
Players can arrive at the gate of a new village.
  1. When you arrive in the middle square of the village, a small passage will appear in the northwest.
Small passage in the northwest BG3
The small passage in the northwest in BG3.
  1. Subsequently, you can follow where the carcass of a deceased Ox lies on the ground.
  2. Nearby, there’s a small house with a shabby door that you’ll need to break boxes to access.
deceased ox bg3
Deceased OX in front of a shabby door in BG3.
  1. Upon spotting a gang member named Salazon, a conversation will be triggered.
  2. You’ll have two options: either eliminate him or persuade him of your friendliness.
conversation with Salazon bg3
Conversation with Salazon in BG3.
  1. If you decide to convince him, the hatch will unlock by revert, else you need to open the hatch.
hatch bg3
The hatch will unlock by default in BG3.
  1. Once you realize you’re in a small basement, climb up the ladder to reach the room’s corner.
  2. There, you’ll find a brown wardrobe. Interacting with it reveals a passage that guides you into the Zhentarim’s hideout.
Zhentarim hideout bg3
Zhentarim’s hideout in BG3.
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Why Is Zhentarim Basement Empty?

A Zhentarim basement’s emptiness could result from diverse factors tied to the storyline and campaign setting.

Here are a few possible explanations:

  • Rival factions, adventurers, or law enforcement might have raided or attacked the Zhentarim base.
  • There might have been a traitor within the Zhentarim.
  • The Zhentarim could have decided to relocate their operations to a different hideout.
  • A magical catastrophe or event could have occurred in the basement.
  • The basement could have been deliberately made to appear empty as part of a trap or deception.

The Bottom Line

Discovering the empty Zhentarim basement raises intriguing questions about the organization’s motives and activities.

With no trace or evidence in the basement, speculation arises about recent operations or possible relocation.

The concealed motives and dynamics of secretive groups like the Zhentarim necessitate continuous vigilance to safeguard everyone involved.

This is particularly true even when physical evidence seems to disappear.

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